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Commercial solar is one of the easiest ways to offset energy costs. Without impacting your day-to-day work! A solar system can provide a reduction of up to 70% on your electricity bills! As well as adding sustainability benefits to your business.

As one of the leading commercial solar installers in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Our team of experts will discuss the benefits of solar with your company. And whether it is suitable or not.  

After a free consultation, we will tailor the perfect commercial solar solution for you!

commercial solar

Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong

Why use Commercial Solar for your Business?

The price of commercial solar has dropped over the last few years.
Whilst electricity prices have skyrocketed. And keep increasing!

Your rooftop can be a valuable asset to your business! In fact with solar panels on your roof, harvesting the suns energy.
You can generate electricity at a much cheaper cost. Rather than purchasing it from power networks.

We offer options with zero capital outlay via our green finance partners.
In most cases, the investment becomes a positive cash flow. Meaning the savings on electricity will be higher than your repayments.

The investment is not only economic but backed by our performance guarantees.

With solar panels having a lifetime of over 25 years. Investing in solar ensures your business will have huge reductions long-term. Increasing the value of your building by improving your Green Star rating.

Not only is solar energy great for the environment but it can help boost your company brand thanks to its sustainability and environmental benefits. 

Finally, Financial incentives (STCs) are still available and they will cover approximately a third of your total investment.

Following is a comparison chart showing the difference between system sizes. And your expected savings!


Please note the table has been designed as a guide only. In order to confirm the best-suited system for your business, we recommend the advice of an energy efficiency expert, as several additional factors would need to be considered including the size and type of your roof, what time of the day your business consumes electricity, your bill structure and future circumstances.

Our expert energy solutions consultants can provide you with a no-obligation quote after a complete assessment.

solar for business

9 Benefits of commercial solar

  1. It can offset fixed company energy costs.
  2. Limits the risk of escalating electricity bills.
  3. Makes an environmental statement of your brand by going green!
  4. Reduces your carbon footprint.
  5. Provides roof shading & insulation.
  6. Helps reduce costs to customers due to lower energy bills.
  7. Thus making your business more competitive.
  8. Lastly, increases the value of your building.
  9. Thus can increase rental income.

Why use us for your Commercial Solar?

  • Australian owned and operated. We support local businesses with our extensive commercial experience.
  • “Smart Energy Answers” is not a “Big Sales Company”, so no overheads.
  • Allowing us to offer exceptional value for money.
  • We tailor your commercial solar to your specific location and requirements.
  • Our in-house electricians and installers are all CEC-accredited.
  • Our training and WHS policies follow Australian regulations. (AS/NZS 5033, JSA, SWMS, Clean Energy Council guidelines).
  • Monitoring the quality of all components, sets us aside from the rest. Including mounting frames, brackets and fixings, switches and isolators.
  • All the components we use must have proven reliability and performance.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers must have local offices. With excellent warranty and technical support.
  • Our 7-year guarantees offer peace of mind! Backed by the best solar warranties in the industry.
  • Commercial installations usually take 4 to 6 weeks. So no long waiting period. You can start saving straight away!
  • With only 10% deposit required to get started!
  • Price includes full installation and commissioning.
  • No hidden costs or extra charges.
commercial solar
commercial solar
commercial solar

Our process for installing commercial solar

  • We conduct an in-depth energy assessment of your business. Completed by one of our qualified consultants. 
  • The system matched to your current energy demands.
  • Also your future energy requirements.
  • Your system tailored to achieve optimal performance.
  • Our installers provide a detailed monthly estimate of your solar production. 
  • We then install the system and connect you to the electricity network.
  • Including the solar ‘net’ meter.
  • Applying any STCs if applicable.
  • Each customer receives a detailed manual. Including full system specifications.
  • As well as, component specs, operational procedures and maintenance schedules.
  • Above all, providing friendly, professional advice with ongoing technical support.
  • A 3 month follow up will be booked in. Not only to ensure the system is performing well, but the customer is happy!

With over 10-years experience in the solar industry. We have completed over 3,000 residential and commercial solar installations.

Smart Energy Answers brings together knowledge and professionalism. To provide the highest quality solar solutions for your business.


Contact us to discuss the best commercial solar solutions for your business.
Talk to one of our local experts!

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Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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