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Commercial solar power is one of the easiest ways to offset energy costs without impacting your day-to-day operations. A solar system can provide a reduction of up to 70% on electricity costs while adding sustainability benefits to the business.

As one of the leading commercial solar installers in Sydney and Melbourne.
Our team of experts can help your company understand the benefits of solar and check if it is suitable for you.

From an initial consultation and feasibility study, we will come back to you with a tailored commercial solar power solution to save you money.

Commercial solar

Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong

Why use Commercial Solar for Business?

The price of commercial solar has dropped dramatically over the last few years, while electricity prices have skyrocketed, with constant increases each year in July.

Your business rooftop is worth a lot of money to you! In fact with solar panels on your roof, by harvesting the power of the sun, you can generate electricity at a much lower cost than purchasing it from the grid.

If your electricity cost is more than 15c/kWh for your usage, then a commercial solar system designed in order to offset your daytime loads will provide a payback time of between 2 and 5 years. And after that, the energy generated is free.

Government solar rebates (STCs) are still available and they cover approximately a third of the total investment.

In addition to outright purchase, we also offer options with zero capital outlay, through our Green Finance partners; in most cases the investment is positive cashflow which means the savings on the electricity bill will be higher than your repayments to have the system installed.

The investment is not only economic but also safe as our systems are backed by a solid performance guarantee.

With solar panels having a lifetime of over 25 years, investing in solar will guarantee your business a huge reduction to your current, medium and long term operational cost and Increase the value of your building by improving your NABERs/Greenstar rating.

And let’s not forget Solar Energy is great for the environment and great for your company brand in terms of sustainability and environmental credentials.

Following a comparison chart between system sizes to guide you on the contribution of solar to your business.


commercial solar

Please note the table has been designed as a guide only. In order to confirm the best-suited system for your business, we recommend the advice of an energy efficiency expert, as several additional factors would need to be considered including the size and type of your roof, what time of the day your business consumes electricity, your bill structure and future circumstances.

Our expert energy solutions consultants can provide you with a no-obligation quote after a complete assessment.

Commercial solar systems

Benefits of Commerical Solar

  • Offset Fixed Company Energy Costs
  • Limit Exposure and Business Risk to escalating electricity increases
  • Visual Environmental Statement and Green Credentials
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Roof Shading & Insulation
  • Advantage on your competitors with higher fixed costs
  • Increased value of the building and potential rental income

Why us Smart Energy Answers for your Commercial Solar?

  • Australian owned and operated company supporting local businesses with extensive commercial experience
  • Not a “Big Sales Company”, no overheads and exceptional value for money system installations
  • Installations are done by our own CEC-accredited electricians and installers, We do not use sub-contractors or unqualified personnel
  • All responsibility for the system is taken by Smart Energy Answers
  • Our training and WHS policies strictly comply with Australian regulations (AS/NZS 5033, JSA, SWMS, Clean Energy Council guidelines)
  • We control the quality of all components including mounting frames, brackets and fixings, switches and isolators
  • Our range of components are selected for their proven reliability and performance
  • Manufacturers and suppliers must have local offices with excellent warranty and technical support
  • We guarantee the quality of our workmanship for a genuine 7 years
  • Commercial Installations usually take place in 4 to 6 weeks – no waiting months to start saving
  • A deposit of 10% is all that is needed to start the processes leading to installation
  • Price includes full installation and commissioning – no hidden costs or extra charges

About Smart Energy Answers

With over 10-year experience in the solar industry, and completed over 3,000 residential and commercial solar installations, Smart Energy Answers brings together the knowledge and professionalism to provide you the highest quality solar solutions for your business.
We will use only the highest quality components to build your system, from manufacturers with a significant presence in Australia and backed up by the best warranties in the industry.
We will tailor your commercial solar to your specific location and business needs.

Commercial solar systems
Commercial solar panels
Commercial solar panels

Commercial solar installation process

  • In-depth energy assessment conducted by one of our qualified energy solutions consultants
  • System advice matching to your current energy demands and potential future needs
  • System design tailored to your business to achieve optimal performance
  • Detailed estimate of solar production by month
  • Easy to understand Contract and Terms & Conditions
  • Electricity network connection application
  • Electricity retailer application for a solar ‘net’ meter
  • Installation with the highest industry quality standards conducted by our in-house CEC-accredited electricians and installers
  • Processing of Small-scale Technology Certificates (government rebate)
  • Detailed Customer Manual including full system specifications and components, operational procedures and maintenance schedules
  • Friendly and professional advice with ongoing technical support
  • 3 month follow up to ensure system performance and customer satisfaction


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Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.