FLEX Solar Panels

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

What’s so special about Flex Solar Panels? 

Flex solar panels are stylish all black panels. They are innovative panels designed for residential installations.

Their unique style merges into any roof structure. Avoiding the eye-sore perception that most cheap polycrystalline panels cause.

Flex panels are designed to maximise the space on your roof. Therefore collecting extra yield which results in extra savings.

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flex solar panels

Flex 300W Solar Panels - All Black

Who is Flex?

Flex is a World leader in Smart Energy and Solar.

Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds smart products for a connected world. Established in 1969, Flex is a fortune 500 company with presence in over 100 locations in 30 countries.

Flex provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and logistic services to companies of all sizes, especially in the Solar industry.

Click here to download Flex Solar Panels Spec Sheet.

Benefits of Flex solar panels

Flex solar panels have a visually stunning look with All Black design.

  • With a leading 12-year product warranty.
  • And a 25 years performance warranty.
  • The panels feature PERC technology. Adding an extra layer to the rear of the cells to boost energy generation.
  • Thus maximising the output of each panel.
  • They are PID Free.
flex solar panels

Flex 300W - All black solar panels

How can you install Flex solar panels on your home?

flex solar panels

Smart Energy Answers is a Flex Solar Partner in Sydney.  Whether you inquire with Flex or directly with us, one of Smart Energy Answers friendly sales consultant will make contact with you in within 24 hrs to offer a free consultation. 

Furthermore, we can proceed with a site visit to identify a unique solution for installation and resolve any doubt.  Once the quotation is accepted, our Engineers will design your system and submit the required documentation to the Energy Network.

We will aim to install your new Flex solar system in within 3-4 weeks from quote acceptance.

Flex 300w warranties

Our Flex Solar First Class Warranty

• 12-year warranty for materials and workmanship
• 25-year linear power warranty at STC
• Extended warranty for coastal areas
• Year 1: < 3% power loss below rated power
• Years 2 – 25: < 0.7% incremental power loss per year 

flex solar panels

Flex Solar Panels - 300w

flex solar panels

Flex Solar Maintenance

Flex solar panels have the latest generation of tempered glass which is self-cleaning (with minimum tilt required).

No maintenance is needed for the Flex 300w – All black panels.

Flex 300W Costs

Flex 300W solar pv systems start at

$4’990 fully installed



Contact Smart Energy Answers to discuss Flex Solar solutions for your home or business. 
Talk to one of our local expert consultants.

Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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