Working from home?

Due to the uncertain times we find ourselves in, many people are now shifting from traditional office operations to solely being online. Being at home more often will likely mean you’ll be increasing your utility bills (like your electricity and gas).
Switching to solar can help reduce your energy costs as it enables you to generate your own electricity, reducing your reliance on electricity retailers and exposure to varying prices and bill shock. The best part is, there are several rebates and incentives available, encouraging homeowners and businesses to go solar. These subsidies can cover a large portion of the cost of installing a solar power system. 
Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills or your carbon footprint, Smart Energy Answers offers complete solar system solutions for your individual needs. Book a free consultation today to find out how solar can help your household lower costs.

Advantages of LG Solar Panels

The cutting-edge cell technology of their solar panels makes it the perfect solution for those with limited roof space.

Not only is it highly efficient, but it's sleek and polished look provides an elegant appearance.

Their panels incorporate BiFacial cell technology, which enables light to be captured from the front and back of the cell, allowing for higher energy generation.

Customers can also benefit from their industry-leading 25-year warranty.

Smart Energy Answers?

Highly Experienced

Completed over 5,000 residential and commercial installations.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Highest accreditation level in Australia.

Member of Smart Energy Council

Peak body for the solar smart energy industry.

2020 ProductReview Award Winner

For the Solar Retailer Category.

LG Solar Authorised Dealer

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