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          Smart Energy Answers partnered with Nectr to help our customers navigate their energy needs. We deeply invest in helping our customers become more energy-efficient and investing back into the environment.

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          Here at Smart Energy Answers, we commit to our planet Earth.

          Not to huge electricity bills.

          We aim to lessen or eliminate electricity expenses for households that are spending more time at home and in most cases seeing their energy usage increase. Now, two of the most trusted brands in the Solar & Energy industry have partnered to bring more convenience and more savings to your family.

          Now, You can lock in your rates for 3 or 5 years to beat electricity price spikes and global inflation!

          Don't pay extra for 100% Carbon Free energy.


          Discover the Power of Nectr VPP

          Transform your home into a clean energy powerhouse with a solar panel, battery system, and VPP.

          When energy demand spikes, your home solar system teams up with others in the VPP to become a virtual power plant, supplying the grid exactly when it needs it most. You'll be rewarded for your contribution with lower bills, extra storage capacities, or earn credits – a win-win for you and the planet!

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          Energy Independence

          Break free from dependence on traditional power grids, ensuring uninterrupted power even during outages or fluctuations.

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          Reduce your reliance on expensive grid electricity while enjoying opportunities for more savings & earning incentives.

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          Contribute to a cleaner, greener future by reducing your carbon footprints and fostering a more sustainable planet.

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          Nectr BEEyond

          Install a 10kWh+ Battery and unlock extra VIRTUAL storage capacity of 11kWh/day from Nectr for as low as $75 per month to achieve full independence!

          1,000kWh per quarter available from Virtual storage.

          Nectr Plan Bee

          Get $20 monthly credit for letting us help manage your battery power during peak times (max 500kWh per year). Plus, no membership fees and you still get feed-in-tariff benefits!

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          What People Say About Nectr

          Northern beaches local, Anne Dunn, was excited to hear that solar battery technology was available for her Allambie Heights home. After chatting to one of our consultants about the benefits of an added battery, she knew she had to have it. Here is her experience.

          "I would absolutely recommend them I felt that the professional that I was dealing with was a great communicator who told me exactly what I needed to know and in the end, I was happy with the whole process and I would absolutely recommend them again"

          - Anne Dunn

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