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What is PowerPlay?

Give your home a voice with the Flex Powerplay app!

This sophisticated app monitors your energy, allowing you to check your usage on a daily basis. PowerPlay can be programmed to turn the lights, TV and other appliances off and on!

It will even adjust your air con to be more efficient. It will send you regular updates on your phone, telling you when and how you have saved money!

flex solar panels

The PowerPlay  features

  • A smart meter connected to your electrical board monitors the energy used from the grid and from your solar power system.
  • The app gives you full visibility on your usage and sends you alerts to advise where you can save energy.
  • PowerPlay connects with Google home.
  • Ask any question about your energy and Google home will respond.
  • The app gives you control over your smart appliances.
  • It can even schedule when to turn outdoor lights on and off!  
  • Offering even more savings!

Managing your home for you!

Powerplay allows homeowners to control appliances remotely!  You can program the app to know when to turn things on and off. 

For example on a hot day, the app can turn your air con on. So when you get home, the house is nice and cool.

And the opposite for winter. If you want the house to be warm when you wake up in the morning. The app can take care of this for you!

This smart app is all about making your life easier! Helping you to manage your home with a few clicks!  

flex solar panels
flex solar panels

Powerplay helps you save money!

The Powerplay monitor analyses the way you use energy and learns your usage patterns! Suggesting how you can save money on your energy costs.

For example, if no-one is home the app will alert you to which appliances can be turned off as they aren’t being used. 

It will warn you when your energy usage has spiked. Giving you the heads up so you can optimise your energy loads more efficiently.

The app will even tell you if you need to upgrade appliances because they are using too much energy! And how much money you would save by doing so!    



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