Our product partners are some of the best technology brands.

Working with some of the worlds best technology product partners, integrating their products to create some of the very best energy production and management systems available. Read how we’re using these products and brands to make our services the best ever.

Tesla energy

Tesla are undoubtedly the world’s leaders in energy storage technology. Their original Powerwall energy storage solution broke records around the world and our Managing Director Sam was one of the first Tesla Certified installers in Australia completing numerous domestic and commercial installations in Sydney.

In late 2016 Tesla introduced Powerwall 2, an even more advanced battery with twice the capacity of storage. They’re also flexible with modular upgrade paths, add a total of 9 Powerwall’s together to provide a huge 120kWh of energy storage enough for a business or even the biggest home.

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Take back the power with PowerPlay

Flex PowerPlay is a suite of highly engineered, next-generation products that work together to give you greater control over your energy – and power company – so you can dramatically reduce your power bills.

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