Solar Repairs


          Concerns about yoursolar power system?We’re here to help

          For too long, customers have suffered from poor quality solar products
          and installations. An audit of the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO), found that one in six solar installations was “substandard” and one in thirty was deemed “unsafe.” It’s vital to purchase from approved installers to ensure your expected performance and savings over time and to avoid frequent issues.

          Whether you’re an existing customer or you had your system installed by another company no longer in business, we’re here to help! If we’ve installed your solar energy system, you may be fully covered for any repair work (or a refund or placement) under a valid manufacturer’s warranty. Our team can help you find the best solution for your needs even if your
          system is out of warranty. 

          Contact us on 1300 732 679 and receive your personalised solar repair solution plan today.

          Solar Inverter Repairs

          Not only, are solar inverters the weak link in solar power systems. But also, due to poor quality or design. As well as, location mistakes, operational faults or normal wear and tear.

          Many inverters installed years ago are failing as manufacturers go out of business. Hence, why these inverters are no longer available in the market.

          Above all, the “big solar companies” are not interested in helping with a “small solar repairs”.

          Smart Energy Answers is a consolidated business. With in-house electricians and solar installers eager to help! As a result, we will give you honest and professional advice. Recommending the best solution to get your solar system back on track. Most importantly, to help generate savings for your family.

          solar-invertor repairs

          Solar Repairs Costs

          The cost for solar repairs starts with a 1hr call-out fee for $177.

          Located within the Sydney metro region.

          In addition, if your repair involves a solar inverter replacement or system upgrade.

          We will refund you the call-out fee and deduct it from the total cost of the work.

          For your benefit, we have listed some Invertercompanies that went out of business:
          • Group 298

            Solar King

          • Group 298


          • Group 298

            Inspire Solar

          • Group 298


          • Group 298

            Sunny Roo

          • Group 298


          • Group 298


          • Group 298


          • Group 298

            Orion Solar


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