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          Experience peace of mind with our 25-year warranty on optimisers and a 12-year warranty on inverters and batteries.

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          Improve the value of your home with a Smart Home Upgrade.

          Be future-ready with a smart energy SolarEdge ecosystem ranging from backup batteries, and inverters to Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers - all powered by the sun. Take control of your energy consumption, and reduce reliance on the grid while making a positive impact on our planet.


          SolarEdge Home Battery

          Partial or full-home backup when and where you need it.

          • Get power from your battery with a best-in-class 94.5% efficiency
          • Achieve unparalleled storage and backup capabilities by linking up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter.
          • The Weather Guard identifies when a storm is coming and charges the battery – automatically.
          • Unlimited battery cycles

          SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

          One inverter, many functions

          Say goodbye to the hassles of selecting between different solutions, thanks to this next-generation inverter that offers a comprehensive and modular platform that connects everything seamlessly.

          • Stays on when the grid is off when connected to a SolarEdge Home Battery.
          • Easily add on smart energy home products to control and optimise more appliances such as pool pumps, AC units, etc.
          • Get energy insight to track usage and reduce bills with the built-in SolarEdge consumption meter.
          • Product Details

            • Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC
            • Record-breaking 99% weighted efficiency with up to 300% DC oversizing, for higher energy yield
            • Modular design, future-ready with optional upgrades enabling:
              • Full home backup power
              • High-efficiency DC-coupled storage
              • Backup generator connection
              • EV charging with SolarEdge Home EV
              • Charger
            • Built-in consumption monitoring
            • Multi-inverter, scalable storage solution
            • Advanced safety features including SafeDC™, rapid shutdown, and integrated arc faultprotection
            • Built-in panel-level monitoring
            • Rapid inverter commissioning via smartphone using SetApp
            • Small, lightweight, and easy to install
            • IP65-rated, for indoor and outdoor installations

          SolarEdge Genesis Inverter

          World's most installed inverter

          Experience SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology, the Genesis gives you a cost-effective solution that fits any shape of roof and any budget.

          • Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC
          • Faster, simpler installations with maximum design flexibility
          • Built-in SafeDC™ and arc fault protection
          • Product Details

            • Capability to add panels in future can be different sizes in any location
            • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for individual panel-level monitoring
            • Record-breaking 99%+ efficiency, world’s #1 inverter (July 2019)
            • Very safe with power shutdown at the panel
            • 12-year standard warranty, extendable to 20 years
            • Power Optimisers (included)
            • Each panel works independently with own optimiser
            • Superior efficiency (99.5%)and up to 25% more energy
            • ‘Wake up’ voltage which is far better than microinverters
            • Perfect for partial shade conditions from trees, chimneys etc.
            • 25-year replacement warranty

          SolarEdge Home EV Charger

          The EV life is in demand

          Enjoy the benefits of automatic solar-powered EV charging, and conveniently and swiftly charge your EVs using clean, cost-effective, and renewable energy sources right at home. The installation process is simple, as the SolarEdge Home EV Charger seamlessly integrates with our solar inverters, enabling homeowners to easily control and optimise their entire household energy usage through a single app.

          • Product Details

            • 3kW and 5kW single-phase versions available (add standard inverter for larger systems)
            • Based on SolarEdge’s existing HD-Wave technology with its record-breaking 99%efficiency
            • Designed to work specifically with SolarEdge power optimisers for individual panelmonitoring and peak performance
            • Avoids the need to upgrade your switchboard if you installed a stand-alone charger
            • Charges up to 4 times faster than a typical Level 1 EV charger
            • Advanced safety features including integrated arc fault protection
            • Wide variety of charger cable types and lengths for different model EVs (orderedseparately)
            • 12 year warranty compared to 1 to 4 years for stand-alone chargers

          SolarEdge Power Optimisers

          Great ecosystem starts with great components

          Turn your solar modules into smart modules with SolarEdge Power Optimisers with intelligent DC/DC converters that connects to individual module in a system. With 99.5% peak efficiency, this will help your system to increase energy production. The S-Series Power Optimisers also has enhanced safety technology for arc detection and prevention


          mySolarEdge App

          You're in control

          Control and track all your energy production and uage, from backup batteries to EV chargers from a single app that's easy to use.

          • See your savings and monitor the power you generate from every panel.
          • Keep bills low with real-time monitoring.
          • Weather Guard monitors storm activity and automatically maximises home backup so you're covered in an outage.

          Become Energy Independent Today!

          Frequently Asked Questions

          • How does SolarEdge handle warranty claims?

            SolarEdge, a reputable brand offered by Smart Energy Answers, has a well-established warranty claim process to address any issues that may arise during the warranty period. In the event of a warranty claim, Smart Energy Answers will assist you in navigating the process and ensure that the necessary steps are taken to resolve the issue promptly. We work closely with SolarEdge to ensure a seamless experience for our customers, providing support and assistance throughout the warranty claim process.

            Learn more
          • Is SolarEdge a string inverter?

            SolarEdge primarily utilises a power optimiser-based system, which includes power optimisers and a central inverter. This configuration is known as a DC-optimised system, which is part of the MLPE (Module level panel electronics) family of Smart Solar.

            In a DC-optimised system, each solar panel is equipped with a power optimiser, which maximises energy harvest by performing individual maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for each panel. The power optimisers optimise the DC output of each panel before sending it to a central inverter.

            The central inverter in a SolarEdge system is responsible for converting the DC power from the power optimisers into AC power for use in your home or to be exported to the grid. The central inverter manages the power flow and communicates with the power optimisers to ensure optimal performance and monitoring capabilities.

            This approach of using power optimisers in combination with a central inverter offers several advantages, such as panel-level monitoring, increased energy production,  extra yield, and enhanced safety. It also provides flexibility in system design and enables features like rapid shutdown and module-level troubleshooting.

            So, while SolarEdge does not use a traditional string inverter, their system design with power optimisers and a central inverter provides enhanced performance and monitoring capabilities compared to a typical string inverter setup.

          • Where are SolarEdge products manufactured?

            SolarEdge, headquartered in Israel, was founded in 2006 and has expanded its operations globally. The company has manufacturing facilities strategically located to cater to different regional markets and ensure efficient production and distribution of their products. SolarEdge has production facilities in several countries, including Israel, China, Hungary, Vietnam and South Korea.

          • How to register for SolarEdge monitoring application?

            After each successful installation, we will register your site on the SolarEdge monitoring platform and you will receive an email from Solaredge with a registration link to complete the process. 

            Once you click the Complete Registration button, you will be routed to another page to enter your complete information.

            After saving the information, download the Solaredge Monitoring app.

            Once downloaded, enter your Username and Password. Your username will always be the email address that we have on file and the password is the one you created via the registration link.



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