SunPower Panels
Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

First of all, Sunpower panels are one of the MOST efficient solar panels in the world today!
Because it only takes 25 panels of the standard solar panels. To produce the same amount of energy as 18 SunPower panels.

Consequently, why 60% of our customers choose SunPower over other brands!

SunPower stand-out in Appearance, Quality and Performance!

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How do SunPower panels work?

In short, the sun hits the panels on your roof. Next, the inverter takes the DC power from the panels and converts it to AC power. Finally, this energy is used in your home.

Sunpower panels consist of Maxeon cells. A unique technology which absorbs more sunlight. Another key point is, the panels have a solid copper backing giving it unbelievable strength. Therefore making corrosion almost impossible!

Sunpower uses fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy as conventional solar panels. In addition, they are more compact, allowing flexibility in design. Giving you the ability to expand your solar system in the future.
sunpower panels

The benefits of using SunPower 

  • Unlike other conventional solar systems. If a cell becomes affected by a leaf or shading. It will only slow down energy produced from the affected cell.
  • Hence not affecting any other cells. 
  • The unique Maxeon cells generate more energy than standard solar panels.
  • Sunpower’s design requires fewer panels to produce energy. Thus, saving valuable space on your roof.
  • The panels have a stylish modern design.
  • Lastly, the 25-year warranty offers you financial peace of mind.

Amazing 25-year warranty

SunPower is confident their solar panels stand the test of time!
For this reason, offer a 25-year full product replacement warranty. Including labour costs.
SunPower panels generate about 70% more energy over the first 25 years.
Compared to the older generation solar panels.
Hence resulting in more savings.

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Great design to go with optimal performance

SunPower panels are elegant and stylish. With beautiful black frames and 90% black surface. They complement any home!

We receive nothing but compliments when installing Sunpower on our client’s homes.

sunpower panels

Made to withstand salt water. Solar-powered boats and the only solar planes are now using SunPower panels.

sunpower panels

SunPower and NASA

Nasa uses Sunpower panels to power their solar planes and boats.
Check out this link for more info.

Weather, corrosion, heat and cold can destroy the efficiency of solar cells.
The Maxeon cell technology eliminates this by about 85%. Compared to other types of solar panels.

Companies are making solar-powered aircrafts with Sunpower panels. These aircrafts used to explore remote places like Greenland and Mars.

SunPower Panels Price – Australia

Starting from $5,947



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Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.

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