What S.M.A.R.T. means?

It’s not just any acronym but a carefully chosen name that encompasses everything we do and stand for. What smart means is that we’re passionate about renewable energy in the form of solar and equally passionate in helping others save money on their energy bills. But that’s not all, so what do we stand for?

What smart means …

When we were looking to choose our name we all agreed that we wanted something that encapsulated everything we stood for and everything we believed in. SMART was created as a way we could explain everything in one easy to remember name.

S stands for ‘solar & storage’.

One of our basic principles of the business is to provide quality solar systems for both homes and businesses at a great price. Add energy storage in the form of batteries and you now have an energy system embryo.

M stands for ‘management’.

Having solar is only part of the story, making sure that the energy it produces, stores or imports is just as important and that’s where management comes in. Management ties everything together, it’s constantly looking for ways to save you money.

A stands for ‘automation’.

Everything, where possible, should be automatic in your solar energy system. The millions of calculations needed to expertly manage your energy requirements cannot be achieved without automation.

R stands for ‘renewables’.

We are passionate about renewables, but, especially solar. Everyone needs to look closely at how their energy is provided, managed and sustained, because current energy production is not sustainable.

T stands for ‘technologies’.

Technologies tie everything together to make something that will provide you with clean, bountiful energy that will save you money on your electricity bills. It’s technology that will tie in with your home or business and provide you with practical and endless options.

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The SMART home

At Smart Energy Answers our vision for the future is one of energy independence, self production and energy management. Future homes will enjoy energy efficiency, lower energy bills and complete control of lighting, heating cooling, entertainment and security.

Smart homes are a thing for the NOW

Smart Energy Answers are now installing the homes of the future ‘now’, saving families and businesses time, money and providing an energy independence unprecedented until now. Everything your solar system produces, your solar battery stores and the electricity you buy from your energy provider are carefully monitored to ensure that you are making the most of your power. That means efficiency and money savings.

The whole SMART solution

Smart Energy Answers can provide you with everything you need to make your home or business smarter. We know this technology like no other business and would love to show you how you too can take advantage of being smarter.

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Our vision for the home of the future - What SMART Means

What smart means is our home of the future

You could say that looking at this picture the future is already here, batteries, electric cars, monitoring, controllers … but, we think this is just the beginning.

At Smart Energy Answers ‘smart means’ we have a vision that every home should be like this, easy to manage, smart with its energy use and most importantly producing its own electricity. Smart homes are all about independence, free from the rising costs of energy, free from the ever present spectre of power cuts and free to control exactly where and when your energy is used.

Smart Energy Answers has this vision and we would like to help you achieve this too. Ask us how this could be done to your home or business to achieve a ‘place of the future’.

Take control –

with a ‘smarter energy system’


Solar systems uses sunlight to create unlimited, clean, quiet and pollution free electricity. With the ever increasing price of energy solar is one of the best ways to become energy independent. Create your own electricity and power your home.


Store the excess energy your solar system produces for when you need it most, such as at night. A battery helps you save the energy that would have gone back into the grid and earned you practically nothing on the feed in tariff.


Our easy to use central management energy hub automatically calculates when it’s the best time to use the solar, battery storage and grid energy to maximise savings. Fully automated with a simple user interface so you can monitor the system and make manual adjustments when it’s needed.

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