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Solar Sorted
Storage Sorted.

Smart Energy Answers is holistic solar company that provides a wide spectrum of Solar Energy System modules that allows your home or office to be 100% eco-friendly, reducing carbon emissions, and saving money in electricity consumption.


Generous Government Incentives

Generous Government Subsidies

These subsidies can cover huge portions of the cost of installing a solar power system. However, keep in mind these incentives are being phased out, so make sure to take advantage of it now before it’s too late!



Reduce Your Energy Costs

Reduce Your Energy Costs & Carbon Footprint

Making the switch to solar can protect you from unpredictable increases in electricity costs, decrease your monthly utility bills (with-up-to 95% reduction) as well as significantly reduce your carbon footprint.



Pay as you save Image

Pay As
You Save

You can install solar pv and start to save from day 1 with 0 or little upfront. We know how important cashflow is for businesses and we have tailored packages to repay your system over time with savings on the electricity bill.