Why we're ranked #1 solar & battery installer in Australia

We've done over 7,000+ installations over the last decade.

Here's the snapshot of our mission to empower Australia to become energy independent.

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7,000+ Australians are now saving up to $5,000 off of their energy bills every year using our cutting-edge HT Smart All-Black System

Sounds ridiculous right? You'd be happy to save one thousand, let alone five, and spend that on things that matter (than on those control-freak energy retailers telling you what to do). But it's real. And over 7,000 Aussies just like you said yes to energy independence.
You know the cool thing? One of them might actually be your neighbour. Check for yourself below. (Click to zoom in)

6,000 happy homeowners can't lie. Find out if your neighbour has already gone solar (Click to zoom in)

Take a look at what our customers are saying about our solar programs

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