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Hyundai 400W 

Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is one of the most trusted names in the heavy industries sector. It is a Fortune 500 company and was in the top 100 of Forbes 2019 World’s Most Valuable Brands.

As a global leader and innovator, Hyundai Heavy Industries has committed to developing and investing heavily in the field of renewable energy. Commencing their solar business almost 2 decades ago, Hyundai entered the Australian market in 2009 with products that have since set world records, a feat made possible through the company’s intensive and ongoing Research & Development.

Hyundai 390W black panel - MK

Product Information

Hyundai Energy Solutions sees Australia as a still-emerging market with so much potential for growth. Therefore, their newest panels are designed to be especially suitable for our often sweltering weather conditions. In fact, the just-released 400W VG Series panel has some of the best hot weather performance characteristics in the solar industry.

It all comes down to the PERC ‘shingle’ technology where the electrical current running through a PERC cell is as little as one-fifth that of traditional square cells in common panels. Less current means less heat which means less degradation in performance, and therefore a greater tolerance to handle hot weather.

Add in a 25 year Australian product warranty and you can see that Hyundai has built a high quality, long-lasting product specifically for local customers to maximise their investment.


Key Benefits

  • Hyundai quality and brand trust built into a premium product

  • Huge 400W capacity means more power on a smaller roof

  • Design is highly suited to Australia’s hot weather conditions

  • Uniform good looks from an all-black surface and frame

  • Hyundai’s confidence and your reassurance via a 25 year product warranty

HT Smart 415W All Black

Introducing the HT Smart “All Black” solar panel from HT and Smart Energy Answers.

Since 1960 HT has been driving innovation and sustainability, developing solar cells for multiple applications including earth-satellites.

Unlike regular solar modules, With Half-Cut PERC Technology and Aerospace grade connections the HT Smart panel is not only more robust and compact but aesthetically superior with a sleek, all black look.

Panels Updated

Key Benefits

  • Half cut cell technology can reduce the

    internal power loss and improve component overall power.

    Excellent heat dissipation avoids hot

    spot production.

  • 25 Ys Products Warranty

  • 25Ys Warrant on power output

  • Microcrack resistant. Double glass structure enhance reliability, triple

    EL tested of high quality control.

  • Entire module certified to with stand extreme wind(2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa.)

Astronergy - AstroSemi 370W

Astronergy was founded in 2006 and currently has over 3000 employees. They are a renewable energy focused company with manufacturing and EPC capability*. Currently, they have a 3.5GW capacity of PV modules manufacturing facility and managing over 4000MW of solar power station around the world. Their manufacturing facilities are located in China, Thailand and Vietnam. Recently, the Astro series have been awarded the world’s first LeTID certification issued by TUV Rhine of Germany and the highest AAA level of operation and maintenance in the industry. In addition, they have formally signed a technical cooperation agreement with the UNSW in Australia.

Astronergy Solar Panels are one of the few panel manufacturers to be named as a DNV GL Top Performer across all 4 of the testing procedures. Given they are also considered bankable for Solar Farm projects, Astronergy panels are a good fit for customers on a budget.

astroenergy Updated

Key Benefits

  • OUTPUT POSITIVE TOLERANCE - Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance ensures power output reliability.

  • INNOVATIONAL HALF-CELL TECHNOLOGY - Improves the module output, decreases the risk of micro-crack, enhances the module reliability.

  • REDUCE SHADOW LOSS - Effectively reduces the effect of shadow on the module surface.

  • REDUCE INTERNAL MISMATCH LOSS - Reduces mismatch loss and improves output.

Enphase Microinverter

The IQ 7A is Enphase’s most advanced product to date. Each microinverter is capable of working with solar panels up to 465W, which is much greater than any currently available residential panel, but means you can add higher capacity panels later.

The microinverters each feed AC power directly to the home with real-time date collected by the small Envoy unit which sits near your modem. You can then use the Enlighten monitoring portal on your smart phone, tablet or computer to see exactly how each panel is performing.



Product benefits

  • Enphase is one of the most recognised names in the industry

  • Proven high performance and long-term reliability

  • Intelligent design is futureproof for integration with smart technology

  • Low voltages minimise danger along with rapid shutdown safety features

  • Perfect for homes where shade is an issue

  • Real-time Individual panel monitoring through Enlighten software

  • 10 year standard warranty with option to extend to 25 years


SolarEdge HD-Wave

SolarEdge is a global PV inverter manufacturer with over 1 million inverters shipped worldwide and PV installations monitored across 130+ countries. They provide a portfolio of solar power system components, including power optimisers, inverters, and a web platform for module-level monitoring. They are leaders in smart home technologies and innovation with their unique EV charging ready inverter.

Their unique ‘intelligent inverter systems’ utilises power optimisers to maximise the power generation, which offers an excellent solution for those with shade issues and complex designs. It’s one of the most efficient solar optimisation and monitoring systems on the market.

The SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter features a compact and lightweight design which makes for simplified shipping, storing and easy one-person installation.

Solar Edge Inverter

Product benefits

  • Capability to add panels in future can be different sizes in any location

  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for individual panel-level monitoring

  • Record-breaking 99%+ efficiency, world’s #1 inverter (July 2019)

  • Very safe with power shutdown at the panel

  • 12-year standard warranty, extendable to 20 years

  • Power Optimizers (included)

  • Each panel works independently with own optimiser

  • Superior efficiency (99.5%)and up to 25% more energy

  • ‘Wake up’ voltage which is far better than microinverters

  • Perfect for partial shade conditions from trees, chimneys etc.

  • 25-year replacement warranty


Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in solar battery storage technologies. Their Tesla Powerwalls are considered one of the best batteries on the market and boasts large capacities and guaranteed durability.

The batteries have 14kWh of storage capacity, enough to cover a large portion of a
household energy demands. It is also modular, which means you can add up to 10 batteries to form one large storage system.

The Powerwall has a high discharge rate, enabling it to power up more appliances at any one time and has an inbuilt DC-AC inverter which makes the setup process simpler reducing installation costs.



Product benefits

  • World’s most desired power storage solution

  • Huge 13.5kWh usable capacity

  • Multiple installation options: outdoors or indoors, floor or wall-mounted

  • Scalable up to 10 batteries

  • Integrated DC to AC inverter means it connects easily to any new or existing solar system

  • Manufacturer’s 10-year warranty


SolarEdge Home Battery

The SolarEdge Home Battery delivers more of everything you need in a home storage system.

Our sophisticated oversizing technology enables you to add extra solar panels to power the home and charge the battery simultaneously while also accessing larger government rebates.

The SolarEdge Home Battery delivers power when it’s needed most. With record-setting system efficiency and sophisticated safety features, your energy needs are under control.



Product Benefits

    • Store excess solar power for use when needed, day or night, and further reduce your electricity bills
    • Add extra panels to claim more rebates in case of governmental incentives*
    • Stack-up multiple batteries to run your appliances for longer and grow your system over time
    • Record-setting system efficiency for more savings
    • Advanced safety features for more protection
    • Monitored and managed by the mySolarEdge app


Madimack Pool Heating - New 2020 Series

Madimack is Australian owned and operated, providing high energy-efficient solutions for homes, offices and other commercial spaces. They offer an excellent solution for customers looking for efficient, affordable and greener alternatives to heating their pool. 

Madimack's pool heat pumps harvest natural heat from the air, which makes them highly eco-friendly. As they are energy efficient, the cost of running one is relatively low, especially when combined with solar.

Built with state of the art anti-corrosion casing to last you season after season. Their heat pumps are lightweight, compact and simple to install.



Product benefits

  • Heat pump technology utilises ambient air temperature to create hot water

  • Incredibly energy efficient - averages 90% free energy!

  • As quiet as a refrigerator, only 43dB(A) at 1 metre

  • Functional at temperatures down to - 10°C

  • Wi-Fi comms for Smart App remote control

  • 25 year warranty on titanium heat exchanger



STIEBEL ELTRON Australia has provided energy-efficient hot water heat pumps for the residential and commercial markets in Australia since 1996. The company is widely known for its high-quality, well-engineered and energy-efficient products.

STIEBEL ELTRON's heat pumps harvest energy from the air to create hot water all year round - perfect for those looking for energy-efficient means of providing hot water to their homes. 

The company’s air sourced hot water heat pumps are one of the most efficient water pumps on the market, helping customers to reduce their electricity consumption and hot water bills.





Product benefits

  • German engineered, designed for Australian conditions

  • Utilises ambient air temperature to create hot water

  • Energy-efficient - saves up to 70% on hot water energy use

  • Quiet operation with new encased compressor (49dB)

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Active defrost function maintains operation in cold weather to -5°

  • Can back up on a timer to match solar production


NEW! Single Phase Inverter with EV Charging

SolarEdge, a world leader in inverter technology, has come up with another first. They have developed an inverter that will run your solar and battery, and charge your EV as well.This integration is so convenient and cost-effective that it is by far the best way to future-proof your solar installation even if you don’t currently own an EV. Because eventually you will!




12 year warranty


Product benefits

  • 3kW and 5kW single phase versions available (add standard inverter for larger systems)

  • Based on SolarEdge’s existing HD-Wave technology with its record-breaking 99%

  • Designed to work specifically with SolarEdge power optimisers for individual panel
    monitoring and peak performance

  • Avoids the need to upgrade your switchboard if you installed a stand-alone charger

  • Charges up to 4 times faster than a typical Level 1 EV charger

  • Advanced safety features including integrated arc fault protection

  • Wide variety of charger cable types and lengths for different model EVs (ordered

  • 12 year warranty compared to 1 to 4 years for stand-alone chargers


Amber x Smart Energy Answers

Meet Amber, our newest Energy Partner.

With Amber for Batteries, you can now fully & automatically control your batteries. Charge, preserve, or export... and watch your earnings tick up live

Amber is a revolutionary energy provider and a technology company, on a mission to help shift Australia to 100% renewable energy, which aligns with SEA's vision.

With Amber and SEA, empowered solar and battery customers can now:

  • Earn greater rewards for their excess solar energy

  • Turbocharge your payback period with a fully automated system that stores energy and sells it back to the grid at peak times to earn extra money side. 



Learn More


Nectr Beeyond VPP

Smart Energy Answers partnered with Nectr to help our customers navigate their energy needs. We deeply invest in helping our customers become more energy-efficient and investing back into the environment.


Transform your home into a clean energy powerhouse with a solar panel, battery system, and VPP.

When energy demand spikes, your home solar system teams up with others in the VPP to become a virtual power plant, supplying the grid exactly when it needs it most. You'll be rewarded for your contribution with lower bills, extra storage capacities, or earn credits – a win-win for you and the planet!

Nectr Beeyond

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