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Guide To Choosing a Solar Company

With the number of solar companies popping up and the vast amount of products available on the market, it can be daunting when considering investing in solar. Here we discuss the key things to look for before choosing a solar company

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Tesla Powerwall Guide

Lead by example and power your home with clean and sustainable energy 24/7 with the Tesla Powerwall. Featuring a modern and compact design, twice the storage capacity compared to its predecessor and a built-in inverter. It is one of the best battery storage systems on the market, delivering you electricity during cloudy days, at night or during a power outage. Here we discuss the top 3 features of the Tesla Powerwall.

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Maximizing Incentives

By accessing rebates and discounts you can cut back on your energy use, save on power bills and help the environment. These programs are available in several states.

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Should I install solar and batteries?

Have you been considering installing a solar power system and batteries at home? Congratulations on being a thinker.

Solar is big right now. Not just right now, it’s here to stay. Solar power is a critical facet of the renewable energy revolution that’s sweeping Australia.

The burgeoning industry has created thousands of jobs for upskilled Aussies and has helped households around the country slash their power bills. 

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Increasing Solar Earnings

Small-scale solar power is critical in Australia’s transition to a clean energy future. Australia already has the highest uptake of rooftop solar panels globally and renewable energy can account for up to half of the power supplied to the national energy grid during peak periods.

The uptake of solar is happening on a grassroots level. Many thousands of individual households and businesses have done their research and chosen to have private solar power systems installed on their property. 

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Micro Inverters & DC optimisers versus traditional DC solar systems, String Inverters

There are three types of inverters that are currently available to you for your solar energy system: string inverters, power-optimised systems, and microinverters. Power optimizers and microinverters are often collectively referred to as “Module-Level Power Electronics” or MLPEs.

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Complete Guide to Solar Energy Systems

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