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Generous Government Incentives

Don’t Get Left Behind on Government Subsidies

Take advantage of generous government subsidies while you can. The Federal Government’s solar subsidy dramatically reduces the upfront cost of installation, ensuring that fitting a solar system now is a solid investment in your future. The subsidy is being reduced year on year, so the sooner you invest, the more you save!



Reduce Your Energy Costs

Slash Upfront Costs, Stay Cashflow Positive

Cashflow is king. Take advantage of tailored packages allowing you to pay your system off over time, while you enjoy big savings on your energy bills from day one. Pay $0 or very little up front and start saving. Win/win!



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Future Proof Your Finances

Insulate your finances against fluctuating energy rates and unexpected price hikes. Make the switch to solar power and reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills by 95%.


Get Smart,

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Smart Energy Answers (SEA) is an Australian owned and operated company that provides solar, batteries, EV charging and Energy Efficiency solutions to Homeowners and Businesses.

We are dedicated to helping people make the switch to Renewable Energy, and we believe that everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable power and at the same time preserve our Environment for future generations.

With years of experience and numerous awards in the industry, we’re committed to providing innovative and safe products combined with quality service to make sure your energy production and savings are lasting long term.

We are not a Sales & Marketing company who will send you a package price with the cheapest price to try to make a sale but a Team of professionals from consultants, engineers, designers, electricians, installers, and customer care individuals who will assess your individual circumstances and provide you with a tailored quote to suit your needs for now and the future.

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Quality is SEA's core value, it guides every aspect of our business. From selecting the best quality products to providing outstanding customer service, from delivering first-class installations to offering the highest level of post-installation support, everything we do is aimed at achieving 100% customer satisfaction and goodwill.

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