FINALLY, Smart Batteries

Make you an extra income!

Smart Energy Answers has proudly partnered with a Smart Energy retailer to offer a unique opportunity to sell your solar-generated power back to the grid at the optimum moment for maximum return.

More and more Australians are turning to solar to reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. Now, you can achieve even more by turning your home energy system into an income instead of a cost.


Exclusive Benefits 

Check how this Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution can take your solar system to the next level:

VPP Smart
Premium solar feed-in tariff plus profit sharing on energy trading, managed by our partnership software using your stored solar energy.

You can manage your account and check your usage data online 24/7 using the phone App with full visibility and detailed insights

Premium Feed-in Tariff
Take advantage of AU$ 0.25 Feed-in Tariff with no lock-in contracts for 12 months and best-rate guarantee

Best Rates
Guaranteed discounts apply to your usage charges and you can earn further discounts when you pay on time.


How does the VPP solution work?

By converting your home solar power to a Smart Battery solution.

Module FINAL-1

VPP software sells your stored energy back to the grid and is timed at the perfect moment to make the most income for you.


Real time tracking & trading from browser or mobile


Which system is the best for my needs?

Ask for a Tailored Consultation
to learn the best solar energy solutions for your power consumption,
budget, roof space, and saving goals.