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Introducing the HT Smart “All Black” solar panel from HT and Smart Energy Answers.

With a rich heritage in innovation and sustainability dating back to 1960, HT has been at the forefront of developing solar cells for various applications, including earth-satellites. Drawing from this expertise, HT has now crafted the HT Smart "All Black" solar panel, exclusively designed to meet the needs today of Smart Energy Answers energy-conscious consumers.

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Reliability You Need

A Bloomberg Tier 1 module manufacturer since 1960, with superior quality control and a 25-year full replacement warranty for your peace of mind.

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Performance You Wish

Consistent Top Performer in the International PV Module Reliability Scorecard, using only A-grade solar cells for guaranteed lifetime production. 

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Elegance You Deserve

Blends beautifully into any roof, with a sleek all-black design, improving the value of your home. 

HT Smart All Black N-Type Solar Panel

Built to impress.

Built to last.

Unlike regular solar modules, with Half-Cut PERC Technology and Aerospace grade connections, the HT Smart panel is more robust and compact and aesthetically superior with a sleek, all-black look.

  • Module Efficiency: 22.4%

  • 30 Years Product Warranty

  • 30 Years Power Output Warranty

  • N-Type Perc Monocrystalline

  • Microcrack resistant. Double glass structure enhanced reliability

  • Triple EL tested high-quality control.

  • Entire module certified to withstand extreme wind(2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa)


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Smart Solar Technology 

Smart solar panels are modules equipped with Module-Level Power Electronics (MLPE), which enhances their intelligence and efficiency.   

MLPE or Module-level power electronics refers to a technology that is used in solar panel systems to optimise the performance and efficiency of individual solar panels. It involves the use of devices such as Power Optimisers and Microinverters which are installed at the module level, typically on or near each solar panel. By integrating MLPE technology, smart solar panels can achieve greater efficiency, adaptability to varying conditions, and enhanced monitoring capabilities. 

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Smart Solar is a Safe Solar

MLPE technology enhances safety in solar panel systems by offering advanced features such as Rapid shutdown and other protection mechanisms to prevent electrical hazards like overvoltage, ensuring the safety of the system and personnel involved.

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Precise Monitoring & Control

MLPE devices enable real-time monitoring and control of individual panel performance. Remote access to data on voltage, current, and power output allows owners to monitor and optimise system performance. 

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Flexibility & Scalability

Since each panel is equipped with its own electronics, the system can be easily expanded or modified without impacting the entire array. This modular approach allows for easy integration of additional panels or upgrades, providing flexibility in system design and future expansion.

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Fault Detection & Diagnostic

By continuously monitoring the performance of each panel, MLPE devices can identify any abnormalities or malfunctions, such as panel degradation, wiring issues, or module failures. This allows for early detection and prompt troubleshooting, minimising downtime and maximising the system's overall reliability.

What are optimisers?

Systems with power optimizers have an individual CPU component located at each panel. However, instead of converting the DC electricity to AC electricity right at the panel site, they “condition” the DC electricity and send it to a central inverter for conversion.


What are microinvereters?

Microinverters do the same job as a string inverter but convert DC into AC for each individual panel directly on the roof Systems with microinverters have an individual CPU installed on the back of each solar panel. They convert the DC electricity from your solar panels into AC electricity on your roof, with no need for a separate string inverter.



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