Harness the Power of Precision: Aiko Solar Panels

          Industry-leading 21.4% efficiency for maximum energy production

          Proven 30% higher yield in low-light conditions compared to standard panels

          Advanced cell design to minimise shading impact

          Comprehensive 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty

          Save up to $2,500 annually on your electricity bills*

          Get the best harvest from the sun and transform your roof into a powerhouse. With Aiko Solar today!

          By choosing Aiko, you're not just installing solar panels; you're investing in a future where your energy needs are met with German-engineered excellence, backed by Australia's most trusted solar retailer.

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          Future-fit your home with Aiko Solar's cutting-edge technology for maximum energy production.

          Aiko Solar: Engineered for Excellence

          German Precision Meets Australian Durability.

          Aiko Solar panels combine German engineering precision with innovative technology to deliver unparalleled performance. Designed to withstand Australia's harsh climate, these panels offer superior efficiency and durability, ensuring your investment pays off for decades to come.

          • 96.3% power output guaranteed after 30 years
          • Tested to withstand winds up to 204 km/h and 35mm hailstones
          • Temperature coefficient of -0.35%/°C, outperforming industry standard

          Shade-Defying Technology

          Maximise Performance Even in Partial Shade

          Don't let shadows compromise your solar output. Aiko Solar's innovative partial shading optimization ensures your system performs exceptionally well, even when partially obstructed.

          • Generate up to 30% more power in partially shaded conditions compared to traditional panels
          • Advanced cell design minimises the impact of shading on overall panel performance
          • Intelligent power routing ensures unshaded cells continue to operate at full capacity
          • Maintains higher energy yield in real-world conditions where shadows are unavoidable

          Aiko Solar Mono PERC Panels

          Maximise Your Energy Harvest with Unrivalled Efficiency

          Say goodbye to underperforming solar systems. Aiko's Mono PERC technology delivers industry-leading efficiency, ensuring every ray of sunlight is converted into usable energy for your home.

          • Up to 21.4% efficiency for maximum power output
          • Anti-reflective coating for enhanced light absorption
          • Excellent low-light performance
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          Aiko Solar All-Black Panels

          Aesthetic Excellence Meets Cutting-Edge Performance.

          No need to compromise between looks and functionality. Aiko's All-Black Panels blend seamlessly with your roof while delivering top-tier energy production.

          • Sleek, all-black design enhances your home's kerb appeal
          • High-efficiency cells match or exceed standard panel performance
          • Perfect for design-conscious homeowners who demand both style and substance

          Aiko Solar: Advanced Features for Unparalleled Performance

          Weather-Adaptive Technology
          Intelligent Performance in Any Condition

          Don't let weather dictate your energy production. Aiko Solar panels adapt to various weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance year-round.

          • Advanced temperature coefficient of -0.35%/°C outperforms industry standards
          • Exceptional low-light performance generates power even on cloudy days
          • Robust design withstands extreme weather, from scorching heat to hailstorms

          Aiko Future-Ready Design

          Seamless Integration with Smart Home Technologies

          Prepare your home for the future of energy management. Aiko Solar panels are designed to integrate effortlessly with emerging smart home and energy storage technologies.

          • Compatible with leading battery storage systems for 24/7 power e.g. Tesla Powerwall
          • Ready for integration with home energy management systems
          • Supports virtual power plant (VPP) participation for additional energy savings

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          • Why should I choose Aiko Solar panels?

            Aiko Solar panels offer industry-leading efficiency (up to 21.4%), superior durability, and advanced features like weather-adaptive technology and smart optimisation. They're engineered in Germany and designed specifically for Australian conditions, providing excellent performance and long-term savings. 

          • How do Aiko Solar panels perform in Australian conditions?

            Aiko Solar panels are designed to excel in Australia's harsh climate. They're tested to withstand winds up to 204 km/h and 35mm hailstones. With a temperature coefficient of -0.35%/°C, they outperform industry standards in hot conditions, ensuring high efficiency even on scorching summer days.

          • What warranty does Aiko Solar offer?

            Aiko Solar provides a comprehensive 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. This means your panels are protected against defects for 25 years, and Aiko guarantees 96.3% power output after 30 years, giving you peace of mind for decades to come.

          • Can Aiko Solar panels be integrated with battery storage?

            Yes, Aiko Solar panels are designed to be compatible with leading battery storage systems. This allows you to store excess energy for use during peak hours or at night, maximising your energy independence and savings. 

          • How much can I save on my electricity bills with Aiko Solar panels?

            Savings vary depending on your energy usage, location, and system size. However, many households report savings of up to $2,500 annually on their electricity bills. Our energy experts can provide a personalised savings estimate based on your specific circumstances.

          • Are Aiko Solar panels eligible for government rebates and incentives?

            Yes, Aiko Solar panels are eligible for various government incentives, including Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which can significantly reduce the upfront cost of your system. Our team can guide you through the available rebates in your area.

          • How do Aiko Solar panels compare to other leading brands?

            Aiko Solar panels consistently outperform many leading brands in efficiency, durability, and advanced features. With up to 21.4% efficiency, weather-adaptive technology, and smart optimisation, Aiko offers superior energy production and long-term reliability compared to standard panels.

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