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Meet Amber, our newest Energy Partner.

With Amber for Batteries, you can now fully & automatically control your batteries. Charge, preserve, or export... and watch your earnings tick up live

Amber is a revolutionary energy provider and a technology company, on a mission to help shift Australia to 100% renewable energy, which aligns with SEA's vision.

With Amber and SEA, empowered solar and battery customers can now:

  • Earn greater rewards for their excess solar energy

  • Turbocharge their payback period with a fully automated system that stores energy and sells it back to the grid at peak times to earn extra money on the side

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Amber for Batteries

 "Accelerate your battery’s payback time with wholesale rates,
 smart automation and more control, via the Amber app."
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Who is this for?


1. New to solar & batteries? It’s time to make the switch.

Energy independence with Solar & Batteries:

  • Reduce or eliminate your power bills and earn extra money by generating, storing, and selling your own energy.


  • Rely less on the electricity grid and have a secure backup during power outages and grid instabilities

  • Use only clean and renewable energy and enjoy wholesale market rates while helping reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for future generations

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2. Considering adding a Battery to Your Solar? 

Add a battery with Amber to your current solar system and  accelerate your return on investment (ROI):

  • Enhance your ROI by accessing  FiTs that can reach $15/kWh

  • Store your energy for self-use when it’s worth more, or send it to the grid when you can earn a premium for it

  • Enjoy the fully automated system to earn extra money on the side

3. Do you already have Solar & Batteries?

Maximise your battery potential; here is why Amber for Batteries is better than a traditional VPP:

  • With a battery plan tailored to your home, get your battery working smarter for you - not your energy retailer. 

  • No more falling fixed rate FiTs - tap into wholesale with Amber and earn what your energy is really worth. 

  • Get more control, with no lock-in, manual charge and discharge controls, and the ability and the ability to turn battery automation on or off. 

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Ready to switch to Amber?

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