2024 Best-Value Solar Battery Prices in Australia

2024 Best-Value Solar Battery Prices in Australia

Jan 20, 2024 12:33:12 AM
2024 Best-Value Solar Battery Prices in Australia - featured image

In the quest for a sustainable future, the combination of solar energy and batteries should be a top priority. Adopting a solar battery is a power move towards energy resilience. It is essential for households to consider energy storage to save more on electricity bills, earn credits, and be more environmentally friendly.   

In this in-depth blog, we're uncovering the best-value solar battery prices for 2023-2024. So, grab a seat, relax, and let's navigate the solar battery landscape together for the most value!


What’s a solar battery?

Ever wish you could bottle up sunshine? Well, solar batteries are the next best thing. 

These advanced devices present a practical solution for those venturing into solar energy for the first time. By efficiently storing surplus energy generated by solar panels, these devices serve as a dependable reservoir, ensuring continuous power availability even when faced with cloudy skies. For seasoned users of solar alternative energy, it equates to having a virtual power plant readily accessible. The stored energy becomes a valuable asset during peak-demand periods and offers a strategic solution for times when grid reliability falters. Whether you're new to solar or a seasoned enthusiast, these batteries empower you with control, regardless of weather conditions.


The absolute list of solar batteries prices in 2023 - 2024

It doesn’t take an economic degree to understand that electricity prices will only get more expensive over time. This is because solar and other green energy sources are now preferred over non-renewable sources to save the planet. So, if you're in the market for solar batteries home, it's smart to stay in the know – not just for the environment but for your wallet too. Below you will find the list of the most popular solar battery prices by brand and their features. 


Alpha ESS B3+ 5kWh (Approximate installation cost: $6,500)

Tailored for retrofit applications, the SMILE-B3-PLUS is a cost-effective and easily installable solution. With a 3kW AC-coupled design and a built-in 5.04kWh battery, it caters to various retrofit needs, offering scalability with the option to expand its capacity up to 30.24kWh.

alpha ess

Modular Design Battery for Easy Installation and Expansion

1. Compatible with All Solar Inverters 

The Alpha Smile B3 Plus offers versatility by being compatible with all solar inverters, ensuring seamless integration with various solar power systems for maximum energy efficiency.

2. All-in-one Module

This residential energy storage system combines multiple functions into a single, compact unit, streamlining its design and providing users with a comprehensive solution that optimizes space and functionality.

3. VPP Ready

With Virtual Power Plant (VPP) readiness, the Alpha Smile B3 Plus enables users to participate in advanced energy management systems, contributing to grid stability and offering potential benefits through demand response programs.

4. Slim but Powerful

Despite its sleek and space-saving design, the Alpha Smile B3 Plus packs a powerful punch with its 3kW capacity, ensuring that homeowners can effectively store and utilise solar energy without compromising on performance.


Franklin Home 13.6kWh (Approx. installation cost: $12,000)

Franklin Home Power extends beyond the need for secure backup. It prioritises the optimisation of daily household energy management for comprehensive whole-home energy independence. At the core of FHP are the aGate intelligent controller, aPower batteries, and the FranklinWH App.

franklin wh

Energy Independence and Security

1. Robust 

Franklin Home Power offers a robust solution with a remarkable 12-year product and performance warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind for users.

2. Safe

Safety is prioritized with Franklin Home Power's cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, providing a secure and environmentally conscious energy storage solution.

3. Reliable

The system provides a level of reliability comparable to that of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) standards, ensuring a continuous and stable power source for uninterrupted energy supply.

4. Versatile

Franklin Home Power exhibits versatility by being generator-compatible, supporting full off-grid scenarios, and providing comprehensive blackout backup for entire homes.

5. Scalable

With a scalable 13.6kWh battery and the capability for up to 15 parallel connections, Franklin Home Power offers adaptability to various energy needs, making it suitable for a range of applications.

7. Smart

The system's intelligence is demonstrated through auto load-shedding, a smart feature that optimizes backup time by dynamically adjusting to changing power demands, ensuring efficient energy utilization.

QCells Q.Home - 6.86kWh (Approx. installation cost: $7,000)

This AC-coupled storage solution seamlessly integrates with any solar system and boasts an exclusive 15-year product warranty. The modular Q.SAVE battery, with a base capacity of 6.86kWh, can be easily scaled up to a maximum of 20.5kWh by combining up to three units. The Q.SAVE system is complemented by the high-performance Q.VOLT H5 inverter, providing a robust 5kW of charge and discharge power.


Performance and Flexibility without Compromise

1. Easy Installation:

The improved design ensures convenience and a straightforward installation process for optimal user experience.

2. Dynamic Optimizer Mode

Leveraging real-time weather data, the dynamic optimizer mode is designed to maximize energy yields through an algorithmic approach.

3. Scalable Battery

The battery is scalable, offering options ranging from 6.8 kWh, 13.7 kWh and 20.5 kWh, ensuring a tailored solution to meet your unique energy requirements.

4. ATS-Free Seamless Control

Experience continuous and stable backup without the need for an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) during grid faults and restoration with the ATS-free seamless control.

5. Extended Warranty

Benefit from an extended 15-year product and performance warranty supported by rigorous quality control measures for added assurance.

6. Enhanced Reliability

The system boasts outstanding reliability, thanks to the utilization of Samsung SDI battery cells, ensuring consistent performance.


Tesla Powerwall - 13.5kWh (Approx. installation cost: $15,000) 

Tesla's dominance in solar storage and solar battery system is a result of its marriage between a sophisticated design aesthetic and unparalleled functionality, adorned with market-leading features. Renowned for reliability, Tesla emerges as the undisputed leader in the realm of solar storage solutions.

Tesla batteries for home high-capacity batteries come to the fore when solar panels encounter limitations, such as during nighttime, overcast weather, or power outages. This ensures a seamless and continuous power supply, even when sunlight is unavailable.

Tailored for both residential and commercial applications, Tesla's large-capacity solar batteries not only meet but exceed expectations, optimising the overall efficiency of solar energy systems.


Advanced Applications of the Powerwall 2

 1. Smart Storage

The Powerwall 2, characterised by efficiency and durability, boasts a modular design facilitating the connection of up to 10 solar system batteries into a power bank. Its integrated liquid cooling system ensures safe operation even in extreme temperatures. 

2. High Capacity

With a robust 13.5 kWh storage capacity and a swift discharge rate of 5kW continuous output, the Powerwall 2 empowers users to simultaneously operate multiple appliances, significantly covering a substantial portion of household energy requirements.

 3. Modern Design

The Powerwall 2's sleek and slimline design seamlessly integrates into modern households, serving as an aesthetically pleasing indoor fixture. Its water-resistant design further extends its suitability for outdoor installations.

 4. Blackout Protection

Providing unparalleled peace of mind during outages, the Powerwall 2 allows users to power essential appliances. In certain scenarios, it can even safeguard the entire home, offering comprehensive blackout protection.


Sungrow - 10kWh (Approximate installation cost: $13,000) 

Sungrow stands at the forefront of innovation, providing state-of-the-art utility-scale battery for solar panel that seamlessly integrate large-scale solar energy storage solutions. Its groundbreaking technology empowers grid resilience and facilitates the efficient management of renewable energy resources.

With Sungrow's utility-scale battery storage system, businesses and utilities can unlock the full potential of clean energy. This ensures a reliable power supply, enhances grid stability, and propels the transition to a sustainable energy future. Experience the transformative power of Sungrow's utility-scale battery storage system, reshaping the landscape of energy.



Next-Generation Compact Battery Storage System

1. Easy Installation

Compact and lightweight, designed for single-person installation solar and battery package. It has plug-and-play functionality with wiring-less connections between modules.  

2. Flexibility

Easily extendable throughout its lifetime. It can support 3–8 modules per unit, with a maximum of 4 units in parallel, offering a capacity range of 9–100 kWh for solar panels with battery.

3. Safety

Utilizes lithium iron phosphate battery technology and incorporates a multi-stage protection design along with authorized certification.

4. High Performance

Achieves up to 30A continuous charging and discharging current with high efficiency. Ensures up to 100% usable energy, delivering optimal performance and reliability.


SolarEdge - 10kWh (Approximate installation cost: $12,500)

Elevate your preparedness for the future with the comprehensive SolarEdge ecosystem, featuring backup batteries for solar power, inverters, and Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers—all fueled by the sun. Seize control over your energy consumption, diminishing dependence on the grid, while concurrently fostering a positive impact on our planet.



Next-Generation SolarEdge Home Solutions, one of the best solar batteries Australia

1. Scalable Energy Storage

SolarEdge Home Battery offers an optimal solution for storing surplus energy, allowing multiple batteries to stack per inverter. This enables increased system capacity, providing users with the flexibility to house and manage excess power efficiently. The batteries can be installed indoors or outdoors, mounted on the wall, or placed on the floor for maximum flexibility.

2. Safety Assurance

Setting a high standard in residential battery safety, SolarEdge Home Battery has successfully passed the rigorous UL9540A unit-level test for fire safety hazards. This achievement not only ensures safer storage but also allows for convenient indoor installations, prioritizing user safety without compromising efficiency.

3. Reliable Backup Power

In the face of grid outages, SolarEdge Home Battery steps up as a dependable backup power source. With the ability to sustain a home on just one battery during an outage, it goes beyond merely keeping the lights on. The battery can power larger appliances like air conditioning and washers and dryers for extended periods, providing a reliable and sustained power supply when it's needed most. 


Enphase - 5kWh (Approximate installation cost: $8,750)

Unleash the potency of the IQ Battery 5P, our most powerful battery yet. Amplify your capability to initiate and sustain power-hungry appliances like HVACs and pool pumps, even in grid outages. Achieve exceptional performance with fewer batteries, ensuring a reliable and enduring energy supply.


Next-Generation IQ Batteries. Keep Calm, Even in the Storm.

IQ Batteries boast an IP55 rating, delivering power in the harshest weather conditions—rain, sleet, snow, and ice. The Enphase App's Storm Guard feature ensures readiness for outages by monitoring the National Weather Service. Upon detecting an approaching storm, your batteries automatically reach full charge for optimal backup power.  

1. Load Control

Manage power-hungry appliances during outages with Load Control. Turn devices on and off from the Enphase App to conserve charge. Set preferences for automated power management or make manual adjustments based on your needs.

2. Low Voltage, High Safety

Operate with low-voltage DC power, mitigating risks associated with high-voltage DC power. Enphase IQ Batteries prioritize safety through their design and functionality.

3. Better Over Time

Receive over-the-air software updates enhancing your Enphase Energy System and the Enphase App with innovative features. Stay at the forefront of energy technology with seamless updates.

4. Power You Can Tap Into 

Managed by a beautifully designed app, Enphase IQ Batteries put power at your fingertips. Track stored energy, manage backup availability, and more—all with a simple tap.

5. Safer, More Reliable Batteries

Enphase IQ Batteries, the first micro inverter-based storage system meeting UL 9540A criteria, ensure thermal runaway fire propagation protection in residential indoor wall-mounted systems. Prioritize safety with our cutting-edge technology.

6. Growing Up Has Never Been So Easy

Start small and go big with ease. Add more batteries as your energy needs evolve over time, providing flexibility and scalability.

7. Industry-Leading Warranty

Covered by a 15-year limited warranty, Enphase IQ Batteries offer reliability through up to 6,000 cycles. Trust in our commitment to durability and performance.


Solar Batteries base prices and system

Solar Power Battery Prices in Australia are conventionally situated in the bracket of $1,000 to $1,500 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of storage capacity plus installation cost, which varies depending on the site, location of the battery and blackout circuits.

A 5kWh battery is estimated to cost from $6,500 to $9,000 fully installed. To provide a deeper understanding of the financial aspects, we have created a comprehensive table that showcases the projected average prices for solar batteries in 2023-2024.

Solar Battery Size

Solar Battery fully installed (minimum)

Solar Battery fully installed (maximum)

5 kWh

$ 6,500


10 kWh

$ 12,000


13.5 kWh

$ 15,000


20 kWh

$ 22,000


Note: * The prices include the battery installation price only. Prices differ if you have a solar system installed.

Want to check the best solar battery prices in your area or find out what’s best for your home? Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote and assessment!



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