SEA joins Save4Good sustainability initiative

SEA joins Save4Good sustainability initiative

Aug 21, 2019 1:53:49 PM
SEA joins Save4Good sustainability initiative - featured image

Smart Energy Answers Joins Save4Good Sustainability Initiative in Port Kembla

As a company deeply involved and passionate about preserving the environment, Smart Energy Answers joins the Save4Good sustainability initiative which will launch on August 23 at the Port Kembla Community Hall.

This initiative is a project of the New South Wales Government as well as non-government organisation All Sustainable Futures (ASF) and is aimed at promoting sustainability as a way of life for residents and businesses in the Port Kembla area.

ASF is investing their funding of $700,000 to support sustainable living, reduce power bills, and facilitate connections among local businesses, as well as providing cashback rebates to kickstart improvements in the environment at the local and global levels.

As an active partner of the project, Smart Energy Answers is providing rebates on its products and services to homeowners and entrepreneurs participating in the Save4Good initiative.

Save4Good is providing an added bonus of a $100 cashback to the first 1,000 participants registering and completing on-premises sustainability coaching with their qualified staff. The coaching services are complimentary thanks to funding support from the NSW Government and is available to Port Kembla residents from August 2019 to December 2020.

Smart Energy Answers is proud to be supporting this outstanding community initiative!


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