SEA To Feature In Channel 9's Renovate Or Rebuild

SEA To Feature In Channel 9's Renovate Or Rebuild

Oct 5, 2021 11:14:48 AM
SEA To Feature In Channel 9's Renovate Or Rebuild - featured image


Smart Energy Answers Teams Up with Channel 9's 'Renovate or Rebuild' for Sustainable Home Makeovers

Smart Energy Answers features in the exciting new Channel 9 series ‘Renovate or Rebuild’, a 60-minute lifestyle program with a strong sustainability focus.

The show is hosted by James Treble and features popular characters from ‘The Block’ including Andy & Deb, Carlene & Michael, Jimmy & Tam, Jesse & Mel, Bec & George and Norm & Jess.

Each episode sees two teams compete to convince a family that they have the best plan to increase the space and comfort of their house while reducing their energy bills. 

One team provides plans to retrofit the property while the other offers a new residential design concept.

The episodes are filmed in different locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and will appeal to a broad cross section of viewers.

The program offers compelling viewing as the design teams juggle to balance the family’s brief and budget, while creating a unique and memorable design that will lead to a beautiful, modern, efficient and sustainable home.


Team Renovate

Team Renovate need to bring the best renovation ideas to the table while coming up with a plan to suit the family. 

Their plan needs to cover bathroom and kitchen design, additional home improvements and how to make use of existing building materials in order to create a home that’s warm and inviting yet modern, energy efficient and thoroughly sustainable. 

Their goal will be to use solar power and home battery power storage to meet all energy requirements.


Team Rebuild

Team Rebuild will be suggesting that the best move to create the ultimate energy efficient home will be to knock down the existing structure and start from scratch with a brand new design that will take into account the orientation of the home, passive solar design and selection of energy efficient appliances.

Team Rebuild will also be planning a design for a home that can be powered solely through solar power and home battery power storage.


Sustainable Design

Residential sustainable design is the primary focus of the show. Residential housing remains a significant contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, partially due to poorly planned property design leading to high electricity bills.

The series aims to shine a light on the possibilities that are opened up by smart property design and to encourage Australian viewers and home owners to make better choices leading to healthier, more energy efficient homes.

The highly watchable, reality TV format is key to spreading the sustainable housing message to a broader audience.

It’s expected that the show will attract a minimum audience reach of 2.8 million.

The first episode of the eight-week series premiered at 9pm October 4, be sure to tune in from 8:30pm each Monday evening from October 11 on 9Life to catch the rest of the season!


Solar Donation

Smart Energy Answers is teaming up with manufacturers LONGI & FIMER to donate a free solar panel + battery installation for a demountable home in the Blue Mountains. 

The installation is for a family that tragically lost their home in the 2019/2020 bushfires. 



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