Smart Energy Answers Awarded by SolarEdge: 1000+ Installations

Smart Energy Answers Awarded by SolarEdge: 1000+ Installations

Dec 10, 2021 10:04:57 AM
Smart Energy Answers Awarded by SolarEdge: 1000+ Installations - featured image

Smart Energy Answers Receives SolarEdge Recognition for 1000+ Installations

Brent Heber, NSW Manager at SolarEdge visited SEA's HQ in Castle Hill to assign the award.

Whilst stopping he took the opportunity to charge his new Tesla Model 3 at on of SEA's EV Charging station, with the one of a kind SolarEdge Solar inverter with EV charger integrated.

Smart Energy Answers is extremely proud to have been awarded by SolarEdge for recognition of 1000+ Installations. As a Preferred Partner of Solar Edge, we are only one of a few solar retailers Australia wide that has this honour. With a strong alliance with a global expert in the solar industry this only adds to our long list of accreditations.

What this means for our customers:

Being a preferred partner for SolarEdge adds benefits and reassurances for our customers. which includes:

  • Increased levels of support.
  • Access to their latest technologies first.
  • Access to their wealth of knowledge from their years of global solar experience.

Who are SolarEdge?

SolarEdge is a global PV inverter manufacturer with over 1 million inverters shipped worldwide and PV installations monitored across 130+ countries. They provide a portfolio of solar power system components, including power optimisers, inverters, and a web platform for module-level monitoring. They are leaders in smart home technologies and innovation with their unique EV charging ready inverter.

  • Utilises power optimisers to maximise the power generation
  • Excellent solution for those with shade issues and complex designs
  • Most efficient solar optimisation and monitoring systems on the market
  • Inbuilt wifi for individual panel-level monitoring

Moving forward with SolarEdge

One of the great advantages about SolarEdge is that they are creating systems of the future, that can adapt to new technologies becoming available.

With the massive adoption of EV's we strongly advise to talk to us for a future-proof smart energy solution. Get a quote below to find out more.

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