Sungrow Premium Partner – Smart Energy Answers

Sungrow Premium Partner – Smart Energy Answers

Mar 18, 2020 3:39:08 PM
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Sungrow Inverters: Empowering Homes with Cleaner and More Affordable Energy

Smart Energy Answers (SEA) is proud to be an authorised dealer of Sungrow inverters. The initiative will enable SEA to continue to empower households to make the transition to cleaner and more affordable energy. Our customers can also benefit from the outstanding 12-year warranty offer and have the peace of mind that they'll receive not only high-quality products but also high-quality installation services. Here we discuss the key benefits of Sungrow inverters and what makes them so unique.

About Sungrow

Sungrow is one of the three largest inverter manufacturers in the world. They're a leader in the research and development of solar inverters and have one of the largest dedicated R&D teams in the industry. The company has a broad portfolio range for utility-scale, commercial and residential applications. As of June 2019, Sungrow's products power installations in over 60 countries. They have also launched the world's largest inverter factory, and once fully operational, the production capacity will reach 50GW. Sungrow has an excellent reputation for service as well as quality and is one of the few inverter companies to be ranked as "100% bankable" by BloombergNEF in its latest survey.


What makes Sungrow's inverters so unique?

The Sungrow Diamond Inverter utilises state of the art transformerless inverter technology. Without the transformer, they are much lighter, quieter and more compact. The inverter is built to withstand Australian conditions and features a robust design made from high anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casting. It also comes with an outstanding 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Sungrow's hybrid inverter, on the other hand, performs the work of a grid-tied inverter and a battery-based inverter at the same time. They're great value for money for those looking to add batteries in the future. The Sungrow inverters are also integrated with an energy management system that can monitor your household consumption. Hybrid inverters are gaining popularity as battery storage can be more cost-effective and can protect you from grid outages.




SEA is looking forward to strengthening our partnership with Sungrow, and further, accelerate the growth of solar and empower people to make the switch to cleaner energy.

Smart Energy Answers is Australia's leading energy solutions provider. We're Australian owned and operated with nearly a decade of experience in the solar energy field. We have completed over 3,000 residential and commercial installations, and bring together the knowledge and professionalism to deliver the highest quality energy solutions. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Contact us today on 1300 732 679 to learn more about Sungrow and other high-performance inverters.






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