Tesla Powerwall Promo - Beat the global price increase!

Tesla Powerwall Promo - Beat the global price increase!

Nov 25, 2020 5:42:34 PM
Tesla Powerwall Promo - Beat the global price increase! - featured image

Save on Energy Costs with a Special Offer on Tesla Powerwall

No doubt you’ve thought of adding battery storage to your home to save on energy costs, and one name always come to mind – Tesla!

Unfortunately, Tesla has been known to struggle with meeting the massive demand for Powerwall 2 and this has been further complicated by recent supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Tesla has incurred greater manufacturing costs and has had to increase the pricing for their home battery. Fortunately, Smart Energy Answers has a terrific budget-friendly offer available for the rest of 2020.


Special Offer: Tesla Powerwall at special price for the first 150 customers!


Smart Energy Answers is a leading installer of Powerwall batteries and is using their strategic partnership with Tesla to guarantee steady supply and better prices. With our ability to purchase in bulk, we are pleased to offer the 13.5kW Tesla Powerwall 2 at pre-increase pricing. This special offer is limited to the first 150 customers! From $12,790 fully installed.
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Evergen optimizer software - Free of charge


Evergen Intelligent Control

Evergen optimizer is part of this special promotion to take your solar power system to the next level.

The Evergen Intelligent Control is perfect for homeowners looking for a smarter energy solution. The platform optimises solar and battery systems, enabling homeowners to control their energy costs and impact on the environment.

Customers also have the opportunity to save an additional 26.4% on average in electricity bills. Please note the savings may vary depending on location and usage.

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Never a Better Time for a Tesla Battery and Solar Bundle

With at least a third of people still working from home across the country, the demand for energy saving solutions is at an all-time high. Solar power is the first option for our customers, and they are also looking at battery storage to balance out energy usage on days when there is insufficient sunlight for decent solar production. Plus, everyone wants to keep their home running during blackouts – a now common problem in summer in the southern states. Importantly, a significant percentage of Australian homes will have their night-time electricity needs fully met by the Powerwall’s huge storage capacity.

The best way to maximise the return on your Tesla battery purchase is to have it running off a solar PV system. With solar providing free energy, it will contribute greatly to offsetting the Powerwall cost. Smart Energy Answers offers great savings on solar and battery bundles.

Upgrade your Existing Solar System

Many of our customers are enjoying reduced energy bills as they already have a solar system. However, we are finding that most systems older than 3 years are too small to keep a Tesla battery fully charged, particularly in winter. A 6.6kW solar system is realistically the minimum size to be able to keep a Powerwall 2 topped up with electricity for most of the year.

When you enquiry with Smart Energy Answers about adding a Tesla Powerwall to your system, our Energy Consultants will discuss your energy consumption profile and do an analysis of your electricity bills. They will then be able to give you advice on whether you need to expand or upgrade your system to get the most out of a home battery.

Quick and Professional Installation Guaranteed

Our partnership with Tesla ensures we will have a consistent supply of Powerwalls to be able to guarantee the quickest of installations, typically within 3-5 weeks of the date you place your order. Our Tesla-trained and certified installers will ensure the perfect installation following a pre-inspection to make sure that the battery can be positioned and wired for its optimal performance.

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Fill in your details to secure this special price asap. One of our solar experts will get back to you for a tailored consultation suggesting how you can make the best of your Tesla Powerwall battery according to your power consumption, budget, roof space, and saving goals.


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