Advantages of Smart Pool Heating: Swim Year-Round, Sun-Free

Advantages of Smart Pool Heating: Swim Year-Round, Sun-Free

May 6, 2022 3:12:47 AM
Advantages of Smart Pool Heating: Swim Year-Round, Sun-Free - featured image

The Benefits of Smart Pool Heating: Swim All Year Round, Free from the Sun!

Installing a backyard swimming pool is a big decision. Not only does the finished product afford a major lifestyle upgrade, but the bump to the homeowner’s property value is rarely insignificant.

Sounds like a win/win, right? It can be, but it’s important to do your research and plan the project properly to maximise efficiency and keep costs down.

Running inefficient pumps, filters, and heating for a pool can quickly add thousands of dollars to annual electricity bills. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Smart pool heating is the way of the future. Efficient, environmentally-friendly pool heating paid for by the sun is the answer to the pool owner’s conundrum faced by thousands of Aussie families.

If you’re putting in the effort and covering the expense of installing a pool, it only makes sense that you’d expect to be able to use your asset for most of the year.


The climate of Australia’s southern states dictates that unheated pools are only really usable for a few months of the year.

In order to make the most of your investment, some form of pool heating is required in order to extend the comfortable swimming season.

Solar pool heaters, gas pools, spa heating systems, and electric pool heating systems are the three options available to homeowners.

The three systems each utilise different technologies and function quite differently, appealing to the needs and priorities of separate types of customers.



Solar pool heating is a great concept, in theory. These systems are cost-effective and appeal to customers in northern parts of the country where the climate is warmer for much of the year and pool temperatures generally do not dip too low.

These systems pump water from the pool to the roof of the house where it is run through a network of tubes and heated before being pumped back into the pool.

These systems function best in areas that get a lot of consistent, long sunny days. Under ideal conditions, they’re able to increase the temperature of a pool by around two degrees Celsius.

While they’re energy and cost-efficient, these systems generally don’t provide enough heating power for use in southern states with cooler climates and less consistent sunshine for more than half of the year.




Gas heating systems are effective but very expensive and inefficient to run. They are popular for heating spas and outdoor hot tubs, as well as combined pool/ spa setups.

While gas systems can heat a pool to virtually any temperature regardless of ambient conditions, they’re costly to maintain and rely on dirty fossil fuel energy to run.

These systems are not environmentally friendly and aren’t popular with those who prefer to look for smarter, renewable energy solutions.



Electric heat pumps are the most popular pool heating option for Australian homeowners living in cooler southern climates. They’re efficient and effective and can be powered by renewable energy generated from a private solar power system.

Electric heating systems work by collecting heat from the air and transferring it to the pool’s water via a heat exchanger.

These systems can still effectively collect heat in cloudy conditions and even at night, so are more functional than solar heating systems in areas where warm, sunny weather is not as consistent.



Madimack is an Australian-owned company that provides excellent solutions for customers looking for efficient, affordable, and greener alternatives to heating their pool.

The company offers a range of reliable and high-performance heat pumps to suit different customer needs. Their pumps are eco-friendly, requiring only a small amount of power to extract heat from the air and recycle that heat through your pool water.

Madimack heat pumps are extremely energy efficient - averaging 90% free energy. They’re functional at temperatures as low as 10°C and are built tough, with an anti-corrosion casing to ensure performance season after season.

The pumps are lightweight, compact, and simple to install and include WiFi control functionality, allowing you to adjust your pool’s temperature and timers remotely.

The company offers customers peace of mind with the longest heat pool pump warranties on the market. Their heat pumps come with a four-year warranty on all parts, plus an amazing 25-year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger.



The Eco offers efficient, powerful, and stable pool heating performance. It’s the most affordable unit in the Madimack range.

Available in five models up to 24kW, Eco pumps feature a built-in flow and safety system, inverter, compressor and fan, extra-large heat sink, and an auto-defrost function.

They’re built tough with a sturdy ABS casing and stainless steel screws and include WiFi functionality and automation inputs.



The Elite series offers additional features including a signature diamond ‘touch screen’ controller plus revolutionary airflow engineered to reduce spatial requirements.

The Elite pumps operate near silently, look great, and deliver the highest COP, WiFi, backwash alert feature and are housed in a slick marine-grade aluminum alloy casing.


The Eclipse pumps are designed and engineered to meet the highest requirements for pool heating and cooling. They feature a full inverter compressor and top discharge fans for streamlined, efficient airflow.

These compact units have a high power to low space ratio, allowing for simpler and more discreet installations.


Madimack pool heating systems provide an eco-friendly solution to your pool heating needs.

They’re engineered for maximum efficiency, and when paired with an appropriately sized solar PV system, can completely neutralise your pool heating costs.

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