Emberpulse ®

What is Emberpulse?

Introducing Emberpulse, your energy management system. It is an intelligent in-home system that monitors and advises you on how to reduce your energy costs. Earn more from your solar system today! The system will identify specific saving opportunities for your home. Saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Once installed, it becomes part of your solar system. Access your live energy information as soon as your solar installation is complete.

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What does Emberpulse do?

Emberpulse is a complete solar monitoring system. Giving customers advice and alerts about their home appliances.
Secondly providing 24/7 remote control over electrical devices. Thirdly alerting you when to use or not to use power.
All controlled by one simple smartphone app. 
Energy bills have increased by 113% over 10 years.  Emberpulse will scan the market to find the best electricity plan for you. Saving you money!
Breakaway from energy companies today!

6 benefits of Emberpulse

  • Monitors your solar production and home energy consumption
  • Tracks import and export to the grid with a real-time monitor
  • Analyses your usage patterns and identifies the best electricity plan
  • Guarantees solar outage alerts and solar income protection
  • Assesses the best battery options for you after 6 months of use
  • Guarantees $500 worth of savings!

Smart Energy Answers

wants to make sure you receive the best value out of your solar investment. So we back our installations with this cutting-edge technology tool. Enabling you to track performances and receive extra savings. 

What more do you need!

Emberpulse cost starts from $550 to $750



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Available in Australia now.

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong.