Do you qualify for our Smart Community Interest Free Offer?

          The Empowering Homes Solar Battery Program

          What’s on offer from the NSW Government?

          The NSW Government, through the Empowering Home Program, is helping homeowners in Eligible Postcodes access interest-free loans to install solar battery systems.

          Through this offer, you can get an interest-free loan of up to:

          • $14,000 interest free loan towards a solar PV and battery system (repayable over a range of terms up to 8 years), or
          • $9,000 towards retrofitting a battery system to an existing solar PV system (repayable over a range of terms up to 10 years).


          Whats on Offer from Vic:
          1850 Interest
          Whats on Offer from

          What’s on offer from Smart Energy Answers

          Smart Energy Answers has gone the next step by launching a new program for Interest Free loans, now available to All NSW Postcodes, Nationwide - but only for a limited number of customers per Postcode.

          This offer will help homeowners in eligible postcodes access interest-free loans to install solar battery systems.

          These systems provide clean, renewable energy and can help you cut your energy bills.

          Through this offer, you can get an interest-free loan of up to:

          • $35,000 towards a Solar & Battery Solution or to add a Solar Battery to an existing Solution. (Repayable over a range of terms up to 7 years)
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          What is a solar & battery system?

          A home solar battery system creates a mini “power station” in your house. Solar panels on your roof generate energy while the sun is shining, and this is used in your home during the day. The unused solar electricity is stored in an energy storage device installed in your home (the battery).

          This battery can help power your home when the panels aren’t producing electricity, such as during the evening, when grid electricity is usually most expensive, or on overcast days.

          Surplus power can be sold back to the electricity grid so it can be used in nearby homes and businesses, which can reduce your bills further. Our systems also allow you to use the electricity stored in your battery during blackouts.


          Through Smart Energy Answers, all regions, Nation Wide, are now eligible to access this loan offer. To qualify, you must:

          • Be quick to apply, as this offer is limited to a certain number of residences.
          • Own your grid-connected home, live in it and have the authority to install the system
          • Satisfy the loan criteria.
          • The battery-only option is for homes with existing solar. This offer does not include solar-only options.


          Fill out the form to apply for this limited Smart Community Interest - Free Offer.


          Generous Government Subsidies

          These subsidies can cover huge portions of the cost of installing a solar power system. However, keep in mind these incentives are being phased out, so make sure to take advantage of it now before it’s too late!


          Reduce Your Energy Costs & Carbon Footprint

          Making the switch to solar can protect you from unpredictable increases in electricity costs, decrease your monthly utility bills (with-up-to 95% reduction) as well as significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


          Pay As You Save

          You can install solar pv and start to save from day 1 with 0 or little upfront. We know how important cashflow is for businesses and we have tailored packages to repay your system over time with savings on the electricity bill.