Fronius Inverter 
Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

The purpose of a Fronius Inverter is to convert energy from panels on your roof into usable energy. Hence, why inverters are an important part of your solar system!

Fronius are world leaders in solar inverters! Designed and manufactured in Austria. Above all, built to last. Definitely one of the most popular inverters used by Australians.

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Fronius Inverter australia

Fronius Inverter australia

fronius inverter sydney

How does it work?

Firstly, the sun transfers solar energy to the panels on your roof. Next, the inverter converts this into energy ready to use in your home. The inverter is the brain of your solar system. Without it, the energy produced from the sun would be unusable!!
Secondly, Fronius has built-in wifi and a smartphone app to help track solar production. Also, to ensure you are getting the most out of your system. Most importantly, alerting you if there are any problems.
With the addition of a Fronius smart meter. You will be able to check your solar consumption and production. In real time! Therefore, allowing you to manage your energy easily and efficiently.

Why choose a Fronius Inverter?

Fronius has been designing and manufacturing solar inverters for over 20 years!  Today, Fronius is the most used inverters for residential installations in Australia. Customers love them as a long-term investment. 

Not only does it have a snap-in feature making it easier to install on any wall.
But it also has a simple yet detailed monitoring system. Accessible online, to check the status of your system and energy consumption.

In addition, the Fronius inverter is battery ready. With intelligent ventilation, prevents dust from entering the system. As well as helping to protect the inverter from external elements.
Finally, its renowned for its low failure rates offers 10-year warranties.


What is the Fronius Smart Meter?

The Fronius Smart Meter tracks your energy usage. This smart little gadget gives you exact stats on how much energy you’re using and producing in your home. Not to mention, in real time!

Without a smart meter, you can only track your solar production. With the inverter and meter combined, full monitoring is available. Including grid consumption.

Lastly, the Smart Meter records and sends the data to the online portal. Allowing you to check and manage your energy ongoing.

The Fronius Ohmpilot

Fronius Ohmpilot is a regulator that uses excess solar power to heat up your electric hot water tank! 

As a result, optimises the usage of the extra energy created from your solar system.   

The benefits are overwhelming. Not only saving you money. But reducing your CO2 emissions. An all-around winner!

The Ohmpilot works together with the Smart Meter to give you ultimate control over your solar system!

Fronius Ohmpilot

Fronius Eco for Commercial Solutions

Fronius Eco is the perfect solar solution for your business.

Set up solar panels on the rooftop of your business and reap the rewards!
Solar power is much cheaper than traditional energy bought from power companies! Giving you the chance to save money on your bills.
Solar energy is also better for the environment!

With its online monitoring and optimisation system.
The Eco will help maximise your energy yield!

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Fronius Inverter Price  – Australia

Starts from $4,490



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