The Energy Industry's Best Kept Secret That is Funding Thousands of Homeowners Every Year to Install Solar & Battery

          RODRIGO CANDI | Contributing Solar Engineering Editor
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          Do not pay your next electricity bill until you read this!

          In 2022, the energy industry witnessed a historic event that resulted in a 20% increase in the prices of solar panels, disrupting the Australian energy market. With the additional signs of an upcoming recession. Electricity prices doubled, and the cost of living went up by the highest rise reported since the introduction of the GST in 2000, leading to a stressful financial situation for homeowners.

          The energy industry is shrouded in mystery, with big corporations holding all the power and homeowners feeling helpless in front of their bills. But what if we told you there was a way to take back control of your energy usage and protect yourself from the volatile energy market? A solution that thousands of homeowners are turning to in droves, but one that the big corporations don't want you to know about.

          There is a new program available to Australian homeowners called the Smart Community Program, launched by Smart Energy Answers, a game-changing opportunity for eligible homeowners living in specific postcodes in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA, and ACT regions to receive $1000s of dollars in generous funding from the Australian Government for the installation of solar panels, generate their own free electricity with solar and batteries, drastically lower their energy bills, and enjoy long-term financial savings.

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          But what's even more exciting is the potential savings. On average, users who join the program generate over $3,200 of electricity per year, enjoying an estimated savings of $65,760 over 20 years (*Based on an 8kW size installation). And the incredible thing is, it's installable starting at less than $9 a day!

          Adam, who installed a combination of Tesla Powerwall and a smart solar solution, had in just two months, generated an extra $700 in credit on his account. That's extra money he can now spend on his family, without worrying about electricity bills.

          Another member living in Kellyville kindly shared their story and bill showcasing their transformation after joining the Smart Community Program.

          kellyville-1Source: Smart Energy Answers, 28 February 2023

          Who is eligible for this program?

          This program is only available for eligible homeowners living in specific postcodes in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA, and ACT regions. Homeowners must find the answers to the following questions:

          1. Do I qualify for the solar and battery rebate?
          2. Does my roof have enough space to eliminate my energy bill?
          3. Is my home compatible with solar and battery?
          4. How much of my solar and battery investment will be covered by the incentives?

          With all the benefits and savings that come with installing solar panels, it's no wonder why this program is causing such a buzz. Over 7,000 homeowners have already joined the program, with many more eager to see if they are eligible. A map of all the installed members of the Smart Community program was recently released.

          2023-02-28 12_56_47-Copy of [DOC] Maps view - Colors

          Source: Smart Energy Answers, 14 November 2022. Map of installed members of Smart Community Program.

          And with the Australian Government offering generous funding of thousands of dollars for the installation of solar panels, you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity to generate your own electricity, save money, and take control of your energy bills.

          What if I don’t install solar or batteries?

          If you're not taking advantage of solar power, As more and more homeowners install solar and batteries, more and more families will enjoy paying less and less on their electricity bills and free electricity powering their homes. Eventually neighbourhoods will no longer need to face the stress of billshock.

          How do I see if I qualify?

          If you're interested in finding out if you're eligible for the Smart Community Program, there is a short instant quiz available. You’ll be able to find out if you qualify by following these three steps:

          Step 1: Click your state on the map below to start the instant quiz

          Step 2: Once you go through a few questions you’ll be notified with the results

          Step 3: You can then schedule a call with an energy consultant who will guide you through joining the program and claiming all its benefits.

          You'll discover whether you qualify for this incredible opportunity and can start taking steps to take control of your energy bills today.



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