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What is LG Neon?

LG Neon is an award-winning solar panel for both residential and commercial applications, supplied by LG Electronics. This module guarantees a minimum performance of 89.6% over 25 years for its commercial Neon 2 400w panel and an amazing 92% for the Star Performer Neon-R module.

The panels are sophisticated and perfect for limited roof space. Choice Magazine has tested the panels and named them as the number one solar panels in Australia. In addition, it comes with a 25-year product replacement warranty!

With its sleek black design and proved performances LG Neon is the next evolution of solar panels!

LG Neon 2 Sydney
LG Neon 2 Sydney

What makes LG Neon unique?

  • Firstly they are designed to minimize electrical loss.
  • This works by having 12 wires with cello technology.
  • The wires are thinner than conventional panels, which improves the output of energy.
  • Not to mention, increases reliability.
  • The LG Neon wires have rectangle cross sections. Allowing more light to be absorbed.
  • Above all, the wires have been increased from 3 to 12 in order to prevent energy loss and improve performance.
  • Secondly, the panels have stronger framing and wind loads (6000pa/5400pa for 60 cells) which increases panels resistance.

Benefits of the LG Neon

  • LG Neon can produce more electricity in the same space than its competitors.
  • Having less modules makes it easier to install and avoid high shade areas.
  • Fewer modules to generate the same amount of energy at a lower cost is a very attractive benefit especially on large-scale commercial installations. 
  • The LG panels are lighter than other panels of similar size panels. Which puts less pressure on roofs.
  • Amazingly the patented cello technology helps mitigate microcracks which cause degradation over time.  
LG Neon 2 commercial

Additional features

  • LG Neon uses silicon wafers that don’t degrade when the temperatures get too hot! Instead, it helps to maximize the generation of power.
  • Even on cloudy days the LG Neon shows little reduction in generating power.
  • The re-enforced frames have increased the reliability and performance of the panels.
  • LG inputs more care into the production process and materials used to manufacture panels with the highest Korean standards of their production facilities.

  •  LG is a diversified manufacturer and offers 25 years product warranty backed by over US$61bn in annual sales and by a company that can not risk its reputation and credibility.  


  • Sydney

  • From the time of quote to the completed job, it will take around 3-4 weeks.

  • LG Neon panels come with a unique 25-year product replacement warranty which includes labour!

  • LG solar panels generate more energy and last longer. Therefore more environmentally friendly. LG takes more care into the production process and sourcing of materials used in the manufacturing process. 

    LG has been awarded the 44th most sustainable company in the world.

  • Click here to download.

    • The LG  NeON® is a multiple award winner for performance and design.
    • The LG  NeON®  has greater output in less space. Up to an impressive 21.1% efficiency.
    • It has a modern design with its black cells and frames.
    •  NeON® has been certified against salt mist corrosion (level 6).
    • There is less power loss during hot weather because of its above average temperature coefficient of -0.30 %/°C. 
    • It has greater light absorption due to the anti-reflective coating on glass and cells. 
    • LG Electronics backs the LG NeON® with their 25-year product warranty which includes labour.
    • With 92% guaranteed output after 25 years, LG  NeON® has the best performance warranty in the solar industry.


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