What is Origin Loop?

          Origin Loop, an innovative initiative from Origin Energy, redefines energy management through its cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant (VPP) framework. Visualise an advanced energy grid utilising intelligent technology to pinpoint peak energy demands. It intricately coordinates diverse energy assets, transforming them into a unified force reminiscent of a compact power station.

          Your home solar battery becomes a pivotal contributor, channeling renewable energy to reinforce the broader network. The orchestration begins with the Loop assessing data from various sources, including weather forecasts, usage data, market trends, and historical consumption patterns. Subsequently, it connects to compatible smart systems, managing consumption and redistributing excess energy to the grid for stability.

          By joining Origin Loop, you actively contribute to grid stability during high-demand phases. With a capped annual limit of 200kWh on energy exports and the flexibility of no lock-in contracts, Origin Loop empowers homeowners to take control of their energy usage and help relieve pressure on the grid at times of high demand. Discover how you can become a part of Origin Loop with Smart Energy Answers.

          Why you should join Origin Loop VPP?

          origin dollar icon

          $400 bonus sign-up credit*

          when you join Origin Loop VPP and become an Origin electricity customer

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           No lock-in contracts

          200kWh annual cap on Origin Loop event energy exports and - leave at anytime

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          $1/kWh for energy extracted

            from your battery and sent to the grid during Origin Loop events

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          Receive a competitive solar feed-in-tariff (FIT)

           applied as credits to your Origin electricity bill

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          Access the Origin app


           for insights and transparency on battery usage

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          How does Origin Loop work?

          The Origin Loop VPP in-app experience provides transparency on energy discharged from your battery and credits you’ve earned in a simple snapshot.
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            Excess energy from your solar panels is stored in your battery, powering your home after the sun.
          • 02
            From time to time, this energy can also be distributed to the grid in periods of peak demand.
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            Which can then help power other houses and earn you credits on your electricity bill.

          What you need to join Origin Loop?

          • A compatible battery and inverter installed at your home
          • An operational solar system of at least 5kW capacity, that is compatible with your inverter
          • Continuous and reliable internet connection
          • An active Origin electricity plan
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          • Am I eligible to join Origin Loop?

            To enroll in the Origin Loop VPP program, you must meet the following criteria:

            1. Your home must have a compatible solar battery and inverter installed.
            2. Your solar system must be with a minimum capacity of 5kW and be compatible with your solar battery.
            3. You must be an Origin electricity customer or agree to sign up for an electricity plan with Origin and accept the Origin Loop VPP Terms and Conditions.
            4. You need to maintain a continuous and reliable internet connection.
            5. You must reside in NSW, SA, VIC, QLD, or the ACT.

            Unfortunately, if you or anyone in your household relies on life support equipment, you will not be eligible to participate in the Origin Loop Virtual Power Plant program.

          • When will I receive my sign up bonus?

            You'll get the credit reflected on your first electricity bill following your connection to Origin Loop. This can occur in the next month or quarter, depending on your billing cycle. ******* Alternatively, you have the option to cash out the credit.

          • Do feed-in tariffs still apply if I have a battery?

            Yes, feed-in tariffs remain applicable when you have a battery. If you take this offer, you'll still continue to receive your feed-in tariff according to the terms of your energy agreement.

            Origin solar customers receive a feed-in tariff for surplus solar power generated by their systems. Any excess energy beyond their needs is fed back into the electricity grid. This surplus earns customers a tariff, which is then credited to their electricity bill.

            With a battery system like the Sungrow SBR HV 9.6 or Tesla Powerwall, you can store any excess energy your system generates. However, in certain scenarios—such as when your energy usage is low or non-existent on a particular day, and your home battery is fully charged—you may still have surplus power to export to the grid, resulting in you receiving a feed-in tariff.

          • Can you take power from my battery during a blackout?

            We will not utilise your battery for the VPP during blackouts.

          • What if I’m already part of a VPP?

            Before we can connect you to Origin Loop, you'll need to inform your current provider of your intention to switch.

          • How much power will you take from my battery during each event?

            The amount can vary based on the electricity demand on the grid at any given time. However, customers using a Tesla Powerwall 2 will always retain a minimum of 20% capacity.