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Madimack Pool Heating - New 2020 Series

About the Company

Madimack is Australian owned and operated, providing high energy-efficient solutions for homes, offices and other commercial spaces. They offer an excellent solution for customers looking for efficient, affordable and greener alternatives to heating their pool.

Madimack's pool heat pumps harvest natural heat from the air, which makes them highly eco-friendly. As they are energy efficient, the cost of running one is relatively low, especially when combined with solar.

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Product Information

  • PerformanceTheir heat pump technology utilises ambient air temperature to create hot water. Extremely energy efficient - averages 90% free energy and functional at temperatures down to - 10°C. 
  • Warranty: They provide the longest pool heat pump warranty on the market. The models come with a 4 year warranty on all parts and 25 year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger.

Key Benefits

    • Built with art anti-corrosion casing to last you season after season
    • Heat pumps are lightweight, compact and simple to install
    • Includes wifi control allowing you to switch your pool temperature and
      timers remotely



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