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          About the Company

          STIEBEL ELTRON Australia has provided energy-efficient hot water heat pumps for the residential and commercial markets in Australia since 1996. The company is widely known for its high-quality, well-engineered and energy-efficient products.

          STIEBEL ELTRON's heat pumps harvest energy from the air to create hot water all year round - perfect for those looking for energy-efficient means of providing hot water to their homes.

          The company’s air sourced hot water heat pumps are one of the most efficient water pumps on the market, helping customers to reduce their electricity consumption and hot water bills.

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          Product Information

          The WWK 302 (H) is compact domestic hot water heat pumps designed specifically for outdoor installation in Australia to supply domestic hot water to several draw-off points. The heat pumps utilise the energy in the air to create environmentally friendly hot water all year round.


          Key Benefits

          • Engineered by Germany's market leader
          • Designed for Australian conditions
          • Active defrost function ensures energy-efficient operation down to -5°
          • Connects to Solar PV - automatically increases tank temperature during peak solar production
          • Compatible with Energy Management System for optimal use of grid and solar energy
          • High operational reliability and long service life due to impressed current anode
          • Quiet operation due to encased compressor
          • Can be installed indoors (13 m3 required)
          • H-Models come with 1.7 kW smart element

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