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About the Company

Emberpulse is designed and developed in Australia; patented internationally by Embertec. Embertec is an energy efficiency technology company with more than 1.5 million energy-saving devices across the world.

Emberpulse is one of the most advanced energy management system guaranteeing you protection from outages and to find customers $500 in energy savings.

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Product Information

  • Performance: Monitors and advises you on how to reduce your energy
    costs. Scans the market for you to make sure you’re always on the best
    energy plan. Provides solar monitoring; notifies you of system outages.
  • Service: Following the installation, if in the three year period the total
    value of the saving opportunities recommended does not equal to $500,
    you can return the unit, and the company will pay any amount which
    your identified savings fall short of $500.

Key Benefits

  • $500 energy-saving guarantee
  • Ensures you’re always on the best energy plan
  • Guaranteed solar outage notifications
  • 24/7 monitoring in real-time
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