Energy Management

          Fronius Smart Meter

          About the Company

          Founded in 1945, Fronius is considered the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer and are highly regarded for their service, quality and reliability. All inverters are designed and manufactured in Austria. They offer a variety of products from inverters, system monitoring and accessories.

          The company has a Fronius Australia subsidiary located in Melbourne with a local warehouse, customer support, and technical assistance, ensuring customers have in-country support.

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          Product Information

          • Performance: Enables you to monitor your system’s performance in real-
            time via a user-friendly online platform. With the inverter and meter,
            customers can keep track of every aspect of their system, including grid
          • Warranty: 2 years warranty from dispatch from the factory.

          Key Benefits

          • Monitor solar production and household consumption
          • Understand the amount you’re saving by using your solar PV system
          • Optimise your energy use and lower your energy costs

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