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About the Company

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge is a global PV inverter manufacturer. They have over 1 million inverters shipped worldwide and PV installations monitored across 130+ countries. SolarEdge offers a portfolio of solar power system components, including power optimisers, inverters, and a web platform for module-level monitoring.

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Product Information

  • Performance: The application provides full system visibility and fault
    detection alerts at the module level, string level and system level. It also
    enables you to control home appliances remotely and manage your EV
    charging from anywhere.
  • Service: SolarEdge products are built for long-term performance. Their
    monitoring platform offers free module-level monitoring for 25 years.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor solar production and household consumption
  • Monitor import and export to the grid
  • View individual panel performance
  • Integrates perfectly with LG Chem batteries
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