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          HT Smart 415W All Black

          About the Company

          Introducing the HT Smart “All Black” solar panel from HT and Smart Energy Answers.

          Since 1960 HT has been driving innovation and sustainability, developing solar cells for multiple applications including earth-satellites.

          Unlike regular solar modules, With Half-Cut PERC Technology and Aerospace grade connections the HT Smart panel is not only more robust and compact but aesthetically superior with a sleek, all black look.

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          Product Information


          • Module Efficiency: 21.2%
          • No. of Cells 108 (6x18)
          • Weight 21.0kg
          • Dimensions 1724 x 1134 x 30 mm
          • Monocrystalline 182 x 91 mm

          Key Benefits

          • Half cut cell technology can reduce the internal power loss and improve component overall power. Excellent heat dissipation avoids hotspot production.
          • 25 Ys Products Warranty
          • 25Ys Warrant on power output
          • Microcrack resistant. Double glass structure enhance reliability, tripleEL tested of high quality control.
          • Entire module certified to with stand extreme wind(2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa

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