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          About the Company

          Since 2009, Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH in Leipzig has been developing and producing intelligent power storage systems and memory-based energy solutions under the name SENEC. The ability to fully consume self-generated solar power regardless of the time of day or the season, provides the owner with maximum independence from external suppliers. With more than 18,000 systems sold, SENEC is one of the world’s most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions. SENEC has been repeatedly honoured by EuPD Research as a Top PV Brand Power Storage.

          SENEC works together with more than 650 competent and certified specialist partners in Germany, who advise the customer and professionally install the battery storage.

          With its sophisticated memory-based energy solutions, SENEC gives people the freedom to generate, use and share their sustainable energy.

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          Product Information

          Q.HOME+ has so many features that you won’t find in competitor products. From simply choosing the battery size that is right for you, with the ability to upsize at a later date, to know that the perfectly matched components will provide trouble-free compatibility. Inbuilt backup power and the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) give you control over your energy use. The single warranty for all the components means you as a customer, and Smart Energy Answers as the installer, only ever need to deal with one company in the unlikely event that they are needed.



          Key Benefits

          • Integration: all the components that make up your energy storage solution are in one place and they work together seamlessly. Just add your preferred Q CELL panels – Q.MAXX or Q.PEAK.
          • Outstanding performance: Q CELLS guarantees that Q.HOME+ will provide more power over the life of the system than any comparable competitor in Australia.
          • Energy independence: You generate and store your own power to use when you want and how you want. With backup power included, you never have to worry about blackouts or the electricity grid going down.
          • Ease of use: clear and accurate monitoring data allows you to understand your system and make the necessary decisions to save more money and help save our planet!
          • Scalability:  from 6.3kWh for low-power consumers up to a huge 18.9kWh for large households. You can start small and add more modules later on.

          Don’t let your solar savings go to waste!

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