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Q CELLS was established in Germany in 1999 where they soon earned a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence. They were one of the engineering leaders that gave the tag ‘Made in Germany’ such prestige within the solar industry. In 2012, South Korea’s Hanwha Group strategically acquired Q CELLS and proceeded to build on their outstanding pedigree.

Hanwha is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of around $40 billion, meaning your investment and warranties will be supported for the life of the system. With Hanwha’s manufacturing knowhow and quality, Q CELLS is the #1 panel supplier across Europe and the USA, and in the Top 3 of high-end manufacturers in Australia.

Now with the Q.HOME+ energy storage solution in Australia, Q CELLS is set to make an even bigger impact as our country continues its passion and drive towards renewable energy sources!


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Achieve both performance and design without compromise

Experience worry-free energy with Q.HOME CORE total energy solution, an integrated solar inverter and storage, complete with a 15-year product warranty.

The modular battery, Q.SAVE is 6.86kWh scalable up to a maximum of 3 units/20.5kWh. Q.SAVE is integrated with a high-performance inverter, Q.VOLT H5, which is 5kW.

Product Information


Battery Energy
6.8kWh ~ 20.5kWh
PV DATA Max. Input Usable Power
8kWp ( 4kWp per MPPT)
BATTERY DATA Max. Charge/Discharge Power
5kW (min. 2 battery pack)
BACKUP POWER OUTPUT (AC) with PV: Rated S / Rated kW
6.5kVA (10s. w/2,3 battery pack) 5kW (with 2,3 battery pack)


Solar System to Grid (Max.efficiency)
Solar System to Battery (Max.efficiency)
Battery to Grid (Max.efficiency)


Inverter Format / Weight
460 × 700 × 221 ㎜ / 37.5 ㎏
Storage Format / Weight
460 × 700 × 238 ㎜ / 61.1 ㎏
Wall-mounted / Floor-standing
Metalic Silver


Product Warranty
15 years
Performance Warranty
15 years

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Key Performance and Design Features

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Easy installation
Equipment design emphasizing improved simplicity of installation
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Dynamic optimiser mode
The algorithm maximises energy yields by incorporating real-time weather information
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Scalable battery
Scalable battery from 6.8 kWh, 13.7 kWh and 20.5 kWh to suit specific energy consumption
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ATS-free seamless control
Seamless operation mode conversion for continuous and stable backup without ATS on both circumstances, grid fault and restoration
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Extended warranty
Fully wrapped 15-year product and performance warranty
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Enhanced reliability
Excellent system reliability with Samsung SDI battery cells


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