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About the Company

Alpha-ESS is fast emerging as Australia's premier battery brand and has easily outpaced its competitors across the globe with 300% annual growth.

They are capable of 1 Gigawatt of battery production a year and hold over 100 patents for innovation and design in the field of Energy Storage Systems (ESS), making them an international leader in energy storage technology.

Alpha ESS provide comprehensive training and support to all our installers, engineers and consultants. With the added ease of installation and the excellent monitoring platform, you will have great confidence that your battery will work perfectly with your solar system for many years to come.

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Product Information

  • Alpha-ESS has a huge range of commercial batteries which we combine with our specialized consultants who can assist business owners with their needs.

  • On the residential side, Alpha-ESS has delivered a range of battery sizes to suit all applications.

  • Unlike competitors such as Tesla and LG who have just one model, Alpha-ESS gives you 3 size options to neatly fit your energy requirements - 5.7, 10.3 and 13.3 kW. This is a terrific advantage as we are getting a huge amount of interest in the smaller 5.7kW version from price-conscious customers with low electricity consumption.

  • The AlphaCloud monitoring platform is the most advanced in our battery range and  has all the features of Tesla and LG with the added ability to trade on the electricity market via integrated Virtual Power Plant (VPP) software. Rather than simply use your battery-stored power in your home, you can sell it during peak periods at a greater financial reward. Our Energy Consultants are happy to explain how it works and can even create a VPP account for you so that you’re making money as soon as your battery in installed.

Key Benefits

    • 3 expandable battery sizes to fit your specific needs
    • No need for a separate inverter as the technology is built in
    • AlphaCloud monitoring platform gives complete control of your energy use
    • Make money on the electricity market via integrated VPP software


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