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LG Chem Resu10H

About the Company

Founded in 1947, LG Chem is the leading global chemical and lithium-ion battery
manufacturer. Positioned as industry leaders in home solar battery systems and
commercial energy storage (ESS) installations, the company has supplied
innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

LG Chem supplies a diverse range of energy storage products from electric cars,
portable electronics and stationary applications (ESS). Their LG Chem lithium-ion
batteries provide customers with leading performance, reliability and value for

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Product Information

  • PerformanceThe LG Chem Resu10H comes with 9.8kWh of electricity
    storage and charges as well as discharges up to 5kW. Ensures durability
    promising 80% of capacity retention after 10 years
  • Appearance: Features a compact and aesthetic design; suitable for
    outdoors or indoors and can be wall or floor mounted.
  • Warranty: Their 10 year warranty covers 6,000 cycles.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces your dependence from the grid which helps you save on your
    energy bills
  • Customers can monitor their systems performance and output via the
  • Capable of providing backup power to your home during a power outage
  • Inverter connections have been simplified, reducing installation time and
  • Compatible with most leading inverters on the market and great value
    for money
LG Chem resu lithium ion storage battery



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