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          SolarEdge Home Battery

          About the Company

          SolarEdge is a global PV inverter manufacturer with over 1 million inverters shipped worldwide and PV installations monitored across 130+ countries. They provide a portfolio of solar power system components, including power optimisers, inverters, and a web platform for module-level monitoring. They are leaders in smart home technologies and innovation with their unique EV charging-ready inverter.

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          Product Information

          The SolarEdge Home Battery delivers more of everything you need in a home storage system.

          Our sophisticated oversizing technology enables you to add extra solar panels to power the home and charge the battery simultaneously while also accessing larger government rebates.

          The SolarEdge Home Battery delivers power when it’s needed most. With record-setting system efficiency and sophisticated safety features, your energy needs are under control.

          Key Benefits

          • Store excess solar power for use when needed, day or night, and further reduce your electricity bills
          • Add extra panels to claim more rebates in case of governmental incentives*
          • Stack-up multiple batteries to run your appliances for longer and grow your system over time
          • Record-setting system efficiency for more savings
          • Advanced safety features for more protection
          • Monitored and managed by the mySolarEdge app

          Worried the savings you’re generating through your solar panels could go to waste? For more information about the SolarEdge Home Battery or the cost of the system,  contact our team for a free quote.

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