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          Enphase Microinverter

          About the Company

          Enphase is the world leader in microinverter technology, the best and safest way to get the power from your solar panels into your home or battery. With continually advances in the design and functionality of Enphase Microinverters over the past 15 years, their performance advantage and reliability make them the ideal choice for your home or business

          The key to the success of Enphase microinverters is that every solar panel operates independently. This means each panel can operate to its maximum efficiency and not be dragged down by poorer performing panels which is what happens to conventional systems when there is shade or debris present. More output, more reliability, more safety – 3 great reasons to go with Enphase IQ 7A microinverters!

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          Product Information

          The IQ 7A is Enphase’s most advanced product to date. Each microinverter is capable of working with solar panels up to 465W, which is much greater than any currently available residential panel, but means you can add higher capacity panels later.

          The microinverters each feed AC power directly to the home with real-time date collected by the small Envoy unit which sits near your modem. You can then use the Enlighten monitoring portal on your smart phone, tablet or computer to see exactly how each panel is performing.

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          Key Benefits

          • Enphase is one of the most recognised names in the industry
          • Proven high performance and long-term reliability
          • Intelligent design is futureproof for integration with smart technology
          • Low voltages minimise danger along with rapid shutdown safety features
          • Perfect for homes where shade is an issue
          • Real-time Individual panel monitoring through Enlighten software
          • 10 year standard warranty with option to extend to 25 years

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