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          About the Company

          With over 2,000 staff worldwide, including 400 dedicated solely to R&D, Goodwe has established itself as a major force in the solar industry across 80 countries. They are the recognised world leaders in developing and manufacturing hybrid inverters and have won more major industry awards than most other inverter manufacturers combined.
          Goodwe has a solid Australian presence and has set up an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales nationwide. The support they offer is amongst the best of all manufacturers with technical workshops, project consulting and in-home support where needed.

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          Product Information

          The Goodwe product range is extensive and it is certainly best to speak with a Smart Energy Answers Consultant to find the best solution for your circumstances. However, every model has high efficiency (~98%), cool operating temperatures, numerous safety protections, and all- weather outdoor installation.
          A standard inclusion is Wi-Fi connectivity which gives you access to Goodwe’s easy-to-use online monitoring platform. This gives you the ability to keep an eye on your solar production or you can option up to full household monitoring of all your power consumption.

          10 years warranty

          Key Benefits

          • What makes Goodwe inverters so compelling is the flexibility they provide by having a dedicated model for every requirement. For example, the 3-MPPT models are unique in the industry and they allow you to have panels facing 3 different direction without any loss of performance. No other string inverter offers that ability.
          • The hybrid inverters are also special in that they cost no more upfront than the range of normal
            inverters. That gives you peace of mind that your system will always be battery-ready, and you only pay for switching on the hybrid circuitry when it comes time to install the battery which may be several years down the track.
          • Simply put, Goodwe inverters are the most cost-effective solution for anyone on a budget. You get great performance, a great warranty and great support. There is no need to look anywhere else if you want the best for less!

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