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About the Company

SolarEdge is a global PV inverter manufacturer with over 1 million inverters shipped worldwide and PV installations monitored across 130+ countries. They provide a portfolio of solar power system components, including power optimisers, inverters, and a web platform for module-level monitoring. They are leaders in smart home technologies and innovation with their unique EV charging ready inverter.

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Product Information

Efficiency: Record-breaking 99%+ efficiency and up to 25% more energy.

Performance: Power optimisers are included and attached to each panel
to maximise the power generation.

Appearance: Features a compact and lightweight design which makes for
simplified shipping, storing and easy one-person installation.

Warranty: 12-year warranty for inverters extendable to 20 or 25 years
and an industry-leading 25-year warranty for power optimisers.

Key Benefits

● Utilises power optimisers to maximise the power generation

● Excellent solution for those with shade issues and complex designs

● Most efficient solar optimisation and monitoring systems on the market

● Inbuilt wifi for individual panel-level monitoring

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