Solar Inverters

          Sungrow Diamond Series - Single Phase, 3 Phase, Hybrid

          About the Company

          Founded in 1997, Sungrow is one of the three largest inverter manufacturers in the world. They are a leader in the research and development of solar inverters and have one of the largest dedicated R&D teams in the industry.

          Sungrow maintains a worldwide market share of over 15% and as of June 2019, their products power installations in over 60 countries. They have an excellent reputation for service and quality and are one of the few inverter companies to be ranked as “100% bankable” by BloombergNEF in its latest survey.

          Partner Company

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          Product Information

          • Efficiency: With high-efficiency power production, built- in surge arresters and residual current protection. The 120V start-up voltage means it wakes up earlier and stays on longer. It also has higher yields with a maximum efficiency of 98.4% and flexible PV string configurations.
          • Appearance: The inverters are built to withstand Australian conditions and feature a robust design made from high anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casting.
          • Warranty: Leading 10-year manufacturer warranty and thanks to SEA’s partnership with Sungrow, we are also offering a 12-year product warranty.

          Key Benefits

          • Access your data remotely and monitor your system on-the-go
          • Sleek, attractive aluminium design
          • Broad portfolio range for utility-scale, commercial and residential applications
          • Their hybrid inverter performs the work of a grid-tied inverter and a
            battery-based inverter; great value for money for those looking to add
            batteries in the future

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