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          About the Company

          Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is one of the most trusted names in the heavy industries sector. It is a Fortune 500 company and was in the top 100 of Forbes 2019 World’s Most Valuable Brands.

          As a global leader and innovator, Hyundai Heavy Industries has committed to developing and investing heavily in the field of renewable energy. Commencing their solar business almost 2 decades ago, Hyundai entered the Australian market in 2009 with products that have since set world records, a feat made possible through the company’s intensive and ongoing Research & Development.

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          Product Information

          Hyundai Energy Solutions sees Australia as a still-emerging market with so much potential for growth. Therefore, their newest panels are designed to be especially suitable for our often sweltering weather conditions. In fact, the just-released 400W VG Series panel has some of the best hot weather performance characteristics in the solar industry.

          It all comes down to the PERC ‘shingle’ technology where the electrical current running through a PERC cell is as little as one-fifth that of traditional square cells in common panels. Less current means less heat which means less degradation in performance, and therefore a greater tolerance to handle hot weather.

          Add in a 25 year Australian product warranty and you can see that Hyundai has built a high quality, long-lasting product specifically for local customers to maximise their investment.

          Key Benefits

          • Hyundai quality and brand trust built into a premium product
          • Huge 400W capacity means more power on a smaller roof
          • Design is highly suited to Australia’s hot weather conditions
          • Uniform good looks from an all-black surface and frame
          • Hyundai’s confidence and your reassurance via a 25 year product warranty

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