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LG Mono X® Plus 370W

About the Company

LG Electronics is a world-renowned Fortune 500 company ranked in the Top 3 in their industry.
Established in 1958, LG entered the solar arena in 1985 and immediately patented innovative,
advanced panel designs. They are known for making premium quality solar panels with the best
available warranties. Not only do LG panels provide great performance and longevity, it is also
reassuring to know that they are backed by a company worth more than $40 billion. LG will always
be there for you!

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Product Information
(MonoX launches Q4 2020)

LG solar panels are the most sort after in Australia. Their exclusive NeON2 panels more than pay for
themselves in the longer term, however, the upfront cost may be a strain on the budget.

What if LG produced a panel with all the strict quality control standards and performance characteristics of the premium panels but with a budget-friendly price tag? Well, look no further than the recently launched LG MonoX Plus 370W panel.

The MonoX packs a serious punch with 370W output packed into the same size as your typical 330W standard panel. They will still be putting out 88% after 25 years compared to only 80% from those lesser panels. There are many more A+ features, and all this quality can be had at an excellent price point!

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Key Benefits

  • LG quality and manufacturing standards at their most competitive price point
  • High output and performance characteristics expected of a premium panel
  • Multiple award winner every year since 2013 (EUPD Research, InterSolar, PV Evolution Labs)
  • Stability and strength of the LG brand backed by an excellent warranty
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