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          LG NeON 2

          About the Company

          LG Solar, part of the international giant LG Electronics, is a leader and technology innovator of high efficiency solar modules. They are held in the highest regard by industry professionals worldwide.

          Their revolutionary bifacial cell technology enables the panels to absorb energy from the front and back of the cells, allowing for higher energy generation. Their incredible performance output means it can generate more power per square meter than other modules on the market.

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          Product Information

          • Efficiency: With a module efficiency of 21.4%, which means greater system output in less space and is considered to have the highest level of corrosion resistance (maximum severity of 6).
          • Performance: The panels have a much lower rate of degradation, with 86-88% rated capacity remaining after 25 years. Their 12 Wire technology also reduces overall resistance and minimises electrical loss.
          • Appearance: Black cells and frames give the modules an elegant appearance – helping you to preserve or increase the value of your home.
          • Warranty: The NeON 2 comes with an impressive 25-year product warranty (parts and labour) on top of the 25-year performance warranty.

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          Key Benefits

          • NeON range has received multiple awards for performance and design
          • Produces more energy than other modules on the market, perfect for those with limited roof space
          • Relatively low weight makes the installation process easier and faster
          • Industry-leading product replacement warranty

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